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Short stroking (no not that 😂)

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Well I've got 13-1 gears and a lonex A1 and I'm running 11.1's so I'm guessing the next step in my rof hunger is short stroking... Anyone have any direct experience in doing it themselves and cone across any issues ?

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Suggest you use a higher spring

Eg m110 to m120ish


Use 7.4v first ffs and get your higher fps

This depends on barrel length tbb bearing spring guide spacer etc..


Say you get 390fps to 400fps


Now multiply that by 0.94 or take off 6% for each tooth


Say 395fps x0.94 = 371for 1 tooth

Now again 371 x 0.94 = 349 for 2 teeth removal


So 2 teeth removal required


Take 2 teeth of back of piston

(Must have 3 steel teeth to leave 1 last steel)

But to be honest going 30+ on 7.4v use a full metal rack if you short stroke properly to avoid PE

(Plastic/Steel still can strip at higher speeds of 35+ over time)


You take off the last 2 metal teeth

(Actually you don't HAVE to remove them but saves weight)


But on Sector you remove the FIRST 2 teeth

Do NOT remove the last 2 it fucks the tappet timing

(I made that mistake following a wanky guide)


The very first 2 teeth that engages piston gets removed


That should now short stroke to get you down to 350

And piston is returning faster on a shorter stroke

And should be fine for running 11.1v at 40-45rps


Good luck with mags n feeding and your shimming must be 101% bang on coz your box will crap out quicker


Normally I just SS on a hot gun and know she won't double fire at 30rps on 7.4v


The TM high cycle guns are short stroked I'm lead to believe and AirLabs recommend short stroking for higher tweaked guns


A bit of work but think it's worth it imho if you like high rof and response


Stating obvious here but you can't really short stroke a longer 455/469 ak coz you need Max or nigh on Max stroke for the vol ratio malarky

(Maybe 1 tooth on a 455 perhaps)

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I really have to ask this again....


What is your actual rof with 13:1 using 11.1v and a Lonex A1 ???


Coz that should be putting you at 35 -40rps

And on a m100 or m105 spring I would expect it to PE already ???


Using 7.4v should get you near 30rps unless A1 is more torque than torque+speed.

Well I got 29ish on 13:1 7.4v SS 2 teeth on a m120ish spring

But smashed a couple of pistons on 18 or 16:1 pushing 11.1v on a m100/105 spring from PE at 32rps full stroke


Anyway the other option is a DSG setup on say a 250mm barrel, but is fun trying to cram in a m160 spring


Also when going nutz another thing that may need to be done is cutting a couple of coils off tappet spring so it loads bb's much quicker at higher speeds


Just remember more wear, more ammo, more juice drained from battery etc.....


Me 30rps is well fast enough, even around 25 is plenty if its performing well.


Short stroking isn't really to increase rof it is there to prevent PE from faster n faster speeds by returning piston quicker with a slightly higher spring. Thus ensuring piston returns in time before sector knocks its teeth out

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