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Shoot and Scoot

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I've been wanting to write this for a while but wanted to wait until the everything was finally resolved.

Shoot and Scoot make some very nice custom airsoft weapons mostly ww2 related as well as movie prop weapons and equipment. I ordered a Lee Enfield N04 kit from them on the 1st of June. In kit forms the rifles require some basic prep work (mostly sanding+staining) and then the final assembly. There is a cheaper expert kit form which is slightly cheaper but requires a lot more work.


Upon ordering I only received an initial automated confirmation email. By the following week I had heard nothing so phoned them up just to make sure they received the payment ok and to get a guideline on when it would be ready. I spoke to the owner of the business and was given a quote of two to three weeks which is what I was expecting. After three weeks I had heard nothing and phoned again and was told that it would be done by the following Thursday. This pattern went on for a bit. I actually met them at War and Peace and was given a definite finish date in person for two weeks time. After this time had elapsed and them some I asked for a refund on the order as it was becoming a joke. I asked for that refund on the 11th August and yet again despite several promises that it would be sorted out and a couple of ignored emails on their part I only just got the refund today...


Its a very frustrating experience from a company that I really wanted to like. The staff are friendly to talk to and really know there stuff but their customer service and very basic communication of issues ranges from absolutely appalling to non-existent. Now I have read some accounts of good experience with them and I have also read and heard about several bad experiences. They are definitely lacking in any form of consistency.


One other thing that annoyed me was the excuse for the delays on the rifle. They were apparently waiting for some parts for the kit but they never contacted me at any point to let me know there would be a delay. I also cannot work out why you would advertise something as being in stock when you dont actually have the parts to be able to construct the kit. It seems really counter-intuitive to me as they are then at the mercy of others causing delays for them.


I would consider possibly trying to order something from them in the future, but I will be going in with both eyes wide open next time. I need about 3 years to calm down first though,

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