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so i was looking for a scope for my VSR and chanced upon this place, website, selection and prices looked good.


on the 22nd of august i placed my order for a 3-9x50 nikko stirling scope. Which the website said it was on stock


An hour or 2 later i received an email informing me that they was out of stock, they had ordered it and they would aim to complete the order in 7-10 days. 7-10 day no problem i figured.


by the 2nd of September i had hear nothing so sent them an email asking what was happening.


They replied on the 3rd of September stating that there had been a slight delay, they assured me they would receive it by the 9th and dispatch it the next day. i emailed them back asking to be made aware of any further delays, at this point i didn't need the scope until the 20th, i also put it to the back of my mind.



On the 16th i got an email to say they had finally dispatched my scope, 1 full week later then they had assured me. unfortunately for me UK mail would not deliver the scope to my neighbors and the local depot is some 20-30 miles away, thus meaning the scope didn't arrive until today.




This company gets a thumbs down from me, there website dose not accurately reflect there stock, and they are not so forth coming with order status unless you chase them :angry:

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