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What would you put in this gun to upgrade it?

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Hi all


I have a CYMA CM515 (from taiwangun), i have skirmished with it afew times now and realy love the feel and weight of the gun, however the internals are obviously not great and i would like to get more range and accuracy from it.


I have been toying with the idea of replcing the inner barrel and hop up with the Madbull ultimate hop and a python tight bore barrel.


At the same time i have considered replacing the gearbox and motor with the Patrol Base own brand to give it better trigger response and power from the cylinder.


I understand that for the cost of this i can go and buy a new gun however none on the market except the APS spyder (and no one seems to like APS at the moment?) realy appeal to me as i quite like the Keymod effect and shape of the gun.



My question is would these fit into the gun body? Or would you recomend different products?


Many thanks



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Is your hop failing to hold consistently all day? Because if it is working you don't need to change it. There is certainly value in replacing the hop rubber and nub with an R hop and M nub, that will definitely improve the consistency of the hop.


To improve accuracy other than hop its a fair bit about the barrel and a lot about the airseal consistency. Replacing or at least lapping the barrel with a decent one can help and you also want to fix the air compression, that is piston/piston head, cylinder head and nozzle. Learn how to test that seal in your gun and if its not great then go about fixing it. You can get your FPS variance down to about 1-2 fps above and below an average and if you do it will help the accuracy.


If you want to improve trigger response get a torque motor and then 13:1 gears and go about it that way, gives decent trigger response and a fair rate of fire (probably around 18-25 rps). This will not however increase range or accuracy, only rate of fire and trigger response, power of the gun comes from the spring (and with airseal improvements).

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Clean the barrel out if you haven't done so already. Don't bother with replacing the internals, the only thing you need to look at is the barrel and hop up assembly.

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barrel is fine 380mm

hop isn't perfect but mine wasn't that bad

stock motor was crap & shot 400-405fps out of box


now shoots 349.999fps @ 24rps with on 7.4v on stock gears & neo motor

still with stock hop but will change that a flat hop and call it that


ain't gonna gonna go nuts with it coz it's a £70 gun after all


Gearbox is decent - 8mm bushings etc....

For the money it is a good looking (from a distance)

and actually even parts wise it is worth the cheapo costs


BUT remember what it is a cheapo plastic starter - but a decent one & better than any crap from JBBG


just don't go absolute nutz on it


Where did you get from ???

if from TaiwanGun did you get the spring downgraded for free ??

EDIT - just seen you got it from TWG & skirimished it a few times so guess they downgraded it


It is very very light - under 2kg and not as robust as G&G polymer's but it ain't bad after a few cheap tweaks

but due to what it is - ffs don't bother with £30+ madbull bollox

cyma barrels are pretty good brass barrels and not some piece of aliminium pipe just cut off and shoved in a JBBG gun


as for R-hop etc... - I'd just go to say a decent hop unit and maybe flat hop if you want but that is it

tweak box a bit (tappet plate needs a little modding if replacing nozzle & another tappet plate)

AoE - ooohhhh the review says what I did to her inside box....

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