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Will it pull an ICS M150 or M170 spring

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Hey guys,

I currently have a stock ICS CXP16L and was wondering if it can pull an ICS M140,M150,M170 spring?

MY current motor is ICS TurBo 3000 long
the battery im using is a Lipo 7.4V



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For that ICS a 120 spring will get you close to DMR FPS limits. It's what they come with as standard in Spain and do about 400FPS. Add a tighter bore or longer barrel and you'll have another 20-30 fps and reached DMR limits.


It's possible your ICS might even say it has a 120 spring in it on the box if it's come from europe, they swap them for UK but don't update the box/manual or anything. Most of the googled statistics list it as having a 120, so perhaps this is where you're getting the idea of a 140-170 from?


It's also possible your ICS doesn't have a 3000 motor, but a 2000 instead as ICS have also swapped them as well as the springs at the requests of various UK retailers after they found it was too powerful for the lighter spring and creating issues..


I offer the above advice assuming you've got DMR skirmishing intent, rather than just making it as powerful as possible to kill cans in your garden. I considered a CXP16 for my first proper gun so did a fair bit of research on them, but then the TransforM4 came out and i got it instead.

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