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Gun Identification/Make

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I figured I'd start a new thread for those of us who see a gun, or a picture of one, or something and want to know what kind of gun or what brand it is. So I'll start it off with the picture below. It's a 1911 that my grandfather gave to me when I moved to the States (he used it to kill by Boring Bees, and it wasn't working as it had sat for two years with no gas, and with bad o rings (the poor thing). I've resurrected it, but before I start ordering upgrade parts, I wish to know the manufacturer. It could be something cheapish he picked up at REI, or it could be a more expensive one as he does sometimes do research on this kind of stuff. And no, he has no idea about the brand.


Thanks, Spaz


Ok, found out it's a Western Arms Strayer-Voigt Infinity 5" 1911. Anyway, feel free to use this thread to ask your own questions and hopefully find some cool guns in the process.

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