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Where to buy BB ammo UK? Cheapest/best quality

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Sorry if this topic has already been covered,


What sites do people use to buy their ammunition/BB, I am looking at good to very good quality and weights from 0.20g to 0.43- I'd also want sites to buy in bulk, as well as to buy single bottles,


let me know what you know!




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These are what I use:



Postage is a flat £5 rate which is good as a lot of retailers either charge more by default or bump the price up when shipping heavier items. It's something to watch out for as postage can effectively negate any savings you made on bulk buying.


Airsoft Zone has some good bulk buy deals too but I don't know how much their postage would be:



Buying single bottles I would just do onsite when I'm playing. Although it does mean you could only have the choice of ammo that your gun doesn't like.

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I would definetly reccomend Zero one BBs about £6 and very good quality for the price


I tried a couple of 5000 bags of the Zero One bbs when I first started. They were ok and didn't jam solid in the barrel but I did notice a few did break up when fired and ended up spitting a few fragments out the barrel. Over that run of 10k bbs I'd estimate a failure rate of about 0.1% which doesn't sound much. Just 10 in 10,000. I currently use ASG Blasters and I don't remember any of them failing so far. I've gone through at least 12,000 so far and another 20k to go before I need to restock.

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