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Advice for mags

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Hi I have decided to make my M4 Honey Badger into a SAW-esque weapon by making a few tweaks and adding a 20cm barrel extension and bipod, and now the only thing left to buy is the mag for it.


I just want to make it clear that I absolutely do not want to make this into a full-blown SAW, therefore with follow all site rules that apply to all normal AEG's and don't want to be one of those guys who slaps a c-mag on and call it a shrike or support gun, I just want to provide sustained susspressive fire for a good few minutes without having to reload.


I have found two good options, either a 2300rd electric drum mag or a 800rd electric mag that looks like a dual mag.

Now my question is will 800rds be enough for my intended style of play or will I have to opt for the drum? It's just I've heard that quite a lot if seasoned players look down on anyone with a drum/box mag who does not have it on a SAW.


Thanks for reading and any opinions or criticism is welcome

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The problem is less what people think and more likley weather the site allows box/drum mags on aeg's. If thats your favoured style of play look to getting a support gun as you next ir replacement weapon.

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true - some sites may frown upon it seeing it as a bit noobish


got this - alas out of stock:




it is the manual winding version so it ain't mega overkill like auto-winding version


it comes out for games like "Closest to the Flag" - a complete hose fest where most people are out of ammo

and the last few minutes its just mental as everybody just goes for it in the dying seconds of the game

many are just dry firing by that time etc......


yup is a bit noobish to use for other game types where a couple of high caps will suffice

plus it weighs a bit too - so hope ya mag catch is pretty strong


probably sprays about 50 or so shots before it needs winding - usually I just grab it when I'm testing/chrono a gun

as it always has 0.20's in it and can feed quite well in higher rof guns


Head Marshal shook his head at first but now most peeps know it is just for $hits n giggles on that game

but he even borrowed a DSG Firehawk to hit test a player with it - yup they called it after that


As I said it depends a bit on the site - mine is a not so ultra serious site - still a safe place but a little relaxed cheap n cheerful place


Doubt if I'd ever take to Sandpit or Mall on a normal aeg, good for a laugh and ask ya site if they would recognise it being ok

probably be ok with a 1k or maybe 2.5k electric drum, electric 5k is mega overkill for use in all game types though

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The problem is if site start to dictate what can and can't b used we would end up with the same load out. As far as I know there is no restriction on how meny rounds a sniper has or what the gun uses to shoot.


Buy what makes u happy!!




f the site wants to limit mag sizes all they would have to do is play limited ammo games. IMHO these games are a lot more tactical and mean ammo has to be distributed according to role.

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If your to short to reach the top shelf then get someone taller ;) lol

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