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Currently looking around for my first AEG have a pretty open budget looking for something thats good quality and performance out of the box, i have been leaning towards a krytac gun since ive heard nothing but good things about them but want to look at some other brands before taking the plunge, im open to suggestions :)

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ICS - solid guns. A little pricey, but they make the best mp5 AEG for the money


TM - the granddaddy of airsoft. Low fps due to Japanese regulation, but unmatched accuracy and reliability. Don't expect them to be cheap


G&G - pretty much the 'industry standard', one of the most popular brands and their Combat Machine range is the most popular suggestion to newbies looking for a starter gun


WE - going for G&G's crown a bit, aiming for relatively cheap guns. They've had some bad Quality Control in the past, but they're okay now. Nothing special about them, but fairly solid AEGs and some nice GBB pistols as well


I agree with the G&G crowd for a starter gun, especially if you're going to tinker a bit, since you wouldn't want to ruin an expensive AEG, and in all fairness, the first AEG you tinker with is probably going to suffer as a result.


Don't know about krytac, I've never even held one of their products, so they might be the best thing since TM's original V2 gearbox and hop up, but you'll have to ask someone else :P

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Classic Army: Dont tend to see much of them around new these days but by all accounts solid AEGs.

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Tippmann m4, only one model atm, nice and tough build, great warranty, hop isn't that good, but can be fixed with a 3d printed, elongated nub

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Real Sword are nice but very few shops stock them and even then the gun models available are limited. If you are after an AK or uncommon bullpup design though they are worth a look.

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G&G - Excellent overall, very little problems with the combat machine series (such as some magazines require a bit of tape to feed properly) Very good reputation.


Classic Army - Again, excellent guns, built very nicely. I'd avoid their Sportline series as the plastic they use for the receivers are very fragile.


King Arms - Pretty much the same as Classic Army, but with a more 'exotic' variety of guns available. An underrated company.


ICS - Fantastic guns, good reputation about almost all of their rifles, my L86 is built like a tank and performs brilliantly after some tinkering with the hop up. I've noticed that their M4's are shaped differently compared to the standard Marui/clone M4's, but that's probably to do with the split-gearbox design. Airsoft-Ed has extensive knowledge on their L85's, if you have any questions about them, ask him.


GHK - veeerrrryyyyy nice GBBR's. Nothing but praise from their owners. Realistic finish and solid performance, the G5 is a pretty good cold-weather gun despite it being a GBBR. But I'd recommend doing your own research on them before plunging into the gbbr route.


G&P - Great platform for building an aeg, finish is nice on all their guns, however they're a bit pricey for what they offer.


A&K/P&J - I've only ever owned their spring SVD, but I have heard nothing but praise about their aeg's, try and purchase one from Taiwangun as UK retailers overprice them.


JG/Golden Eagle - Aged, since the "Golden Eagle" re-brand, prices for them have increased dramatically for the soul purpose of making money from them, they're overhyped by such retailers, claiming that they're "better than Tokyo Marui - JBBG" but there's nothing special about them. If you find a JG online, purchase it from (again) Taiwangun or other Hong Kong/Taiwanese websites. I'd avoid purchasing second-hand, normally heavily used and poorly maintained. Also popular for their VSR clones as they are cheap and, to some extent, built better than the Marui version.


Cyma - Fantastic value for money, their AK's are very reliable, but avoid their M4's as they're a bit crap, as expereinced by Airsoft_Mr B. They've recently introduced some tri-shot M870's in metal and plastic varients, not much is known about them but they look to be nice little shotguns.


Tokyo Marui - Their standard aeg's have aged.. Poorly. For how much they cost, you can get a MUCH nicer and better performing gun, same with their Tr-shot shotguns. However, their Recoil guns and gas blow backs are still considered the best on the market by many, understandably so.


Cybergun - Same as Echo1, they put trade marks on existing cheap aeg's then overprice them for it.


WE - Hit and miss, personally. Their aeg's are good, using the same materials that they build their GBB's from, gearbox's are pretty bog standard. If you're going to purchase their GBB rifles, don't bother replacing parts as soon as you get one, wait for the parts to break then start to replace them. They do however require an NPAS which makes the fps adjustable. My Hi-Power and AK fell apart, but I think my AK fell apart due to the recoil kit I put in it. Says it all really.


Well - Eh, avoid. Their Gen 1, 2 and 3 L96's are good, the Gen 3 is better built but needs upgrading if you want it to be somewhat useable on the field.


KWA - Good guns, but proprietary parts are a bit annoying. Their ERG is fantastic, crisp recoil and solid performance. Excellent gas guns, especially the popular MP9, amazing performance from such a little gun. The noise it makes is scary.


Double Eagle - Shotguns are fantastic, however everything else they've made is a bit mediocre.


Jin Peng - Lol,


Tippman - Their M4 has good reputation so far, HPA so requires extra money being spent to make it work, definitely worth it though.


Systema - I'll leave them to your own judgement, people that own them praise them but people that don't own them tend to talk crap about them. However, they perform amazingly, very quiet guns, but I'll never own one.


Celcius - Better than Systema as they're constantly innovating and offering different upgrade options for their guns. Reputation is good, price is ok for what they offer.


Real Sword - Excellent guns, people buy them for their realistic features and finish, and for their unique guns that they offer.


Ares/Star - From what I've heard from people on the forums, the problems that their guns have are a bit of a widespread myth, from my own experience they're just as reliable as any other aeg. But do your own research about them and come to your own judgement about them.


Krytac - Excellent guns for the money, better gearbox's and overall design than most aeg's in the same price range on the market.


Dytac - What G&P should have been. Fantastic looking guns with better-than-standard internals, people have been running 11v lipos through them without issues. Definitely recommend them over G&P any day.


SRC - Eh, avoid. Mediocre quality for the price that you pay. Their G36's are nice, but comparable to JG's G36's in terms of performance.


APS - Comparable to Classic Army, slightly lower quality but solid guns overall.


D-boys - Popular for their cheap Scar-L's & Scar-H's, most of their guns have a poor finish, the paint they use for their M4's feels like a chalk board, good guns though. Their AK's are nice, most of them being made from steel and wood but you don't pay the Real Sword price for one (albeit their finish is poorer.)


Aim Top - Solidly built guns, but the externals are a bit naff. Comparable to JG.


LCT - Realistic fit and finish, but they're pretty much a conversation piece, I've noticed they're more attention grabbing than PTW's (probably over-exaggerating). Which isn't a bad thing at all.


S&T - Toyish externals, especally with their Tar 21's, a good option if you want a cheap exotic gun that won't fall apart straight away.


Snow Wolf - Like with S&T, a good option if you want a cheap exotic gun, they're only popular for their M82's and M41A pulse rifle.


Evolution - They seem to be well built, but I don't know much about them.


AGM - Again, same with S&T, a good option if you want a cheap exotic gun (primarily their WW2 weapons such as the popular MP44 and Sten gun.) quality and performance is comparable to stock JG's.


Echo1 - They essentially re-brand JG's, AGM's and other cheap manufacturers and overprice them because they'll include an extra magazine. Essentially, they're a money making gimmick.


CAA - Comparable to Classic Army, nice externals, standard internals, the furniture for their M4's looks absolutely horrendous IMO. Like G&P, they're a bit overpriced for what they are.


Hope that helps.

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Pin this above post please!!!

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I've got a Cyma 046 akm for sale at the moment. It's amazing, blow backs a nice feature and its solidly built, internals are great too!

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