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Hi! I just can't find an ABS crane stock for this http://www.fire-support.co.uk/product/vfc-umarex-hk416-aeg-airsoft-gun If anyone could find one please post a link... Also it needs to be compatible with this http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vapex-Airsoft-7-4V-2600mAh-25C-cranestock-LiPo-battery-UK-/231527598814?hash=item35e81ecade Thanks! I'm new to airsoft and really need help.

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416 stock he had may have been too tight for his lipo's


Some 416 3rd party stocks can have a really cheap look tob'em dunno about TWG, but others like JG I'm not so sure


Heck the B500A1 comes with a nasty 416 style stock on it


Think OP may not have exchanged the bigger lipo's and now busted his old one...


I will "try" and see what I got lying around but many crane stocks may be about 20 or 21mm Max diameter tube wise

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OK here is your battery I think:




now on ebay is says - 101.2 x 13.1 x 20.2


but component shop - 105 x 12 x 22mm


Also apart from variations in sizes - the reviews at component shop link:


"now own 4 of these batteries for airsoft. They fit well in my G&G Raider Stock and last a whole day of airsofting. (Posted on 30/07/2015)"


BOLLOX - no friggin' way is that mofo going in a ex 2-tone Raider Long stock of mine

maybe the smaller 2000mah one will go in



but not a chance sun-dance is that bigger mofo going in...........


OK her is what I have found around and how I tested it but it might still be squeeze.....


a 9.9v life goes in there but it is filling most of the void at 19 x 17.3mm - width



now using a carefully designed measuring tool - a packet of eXtra chewing gum....


measures 22mm x 11mm - that also goes in there with I reckon a couple of mm spare on the 11mm

that "might" allow you to fit a 22 x 13 shape in the tubes


Now I dunno how big your busted old crane stock is but may I ask you to grab a packet of Wrigleys eXtra chewing gum

(think its 10 pellets - maybe 55p or something)

and see if you can fit that packet of gum down the tube(s)......


If you can fit the pack of gum down there then what I got in front of me may not work much if any better than what you got


But I can't fit the 9.9v life or the pack of gum down the 2-tone G&G Raider stock - no way

so either the bloke that said it fits perfectly is either:

talking more boolox than me - that is going some

don't know his ar$e from his elbow coz he bought the smaller battery and reviewing wrong battery

or G&G have changed stocks recently on their Raider's


So buy a pack of gum - see if it fits in your old stock........


if it don't fit in there then MAYBE - and it is still a MAYBE this old cheapo crane stock might allow you to use the batteries


it is a cheapo black crane stock but it don't look bad and the main thing is getting your batteries in ya gun


if ya interested - say £7.50 posted as you are in dire $hit now with a busted 416 stock and still can't use £50+ of lipo's

lmk how you get on with chewing gum packet test first - no point sending you something if it's no good

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Whats the ROF like with wrigleys?

Try the blackmint they have a bit more kick.


That would make the gun run a little too "hot" and put it over the chrono


OK - I'll get me coat...


Hey it was the first thing that was showing up about the 21/22mm size close to hand

but this is why I say the potential buyer must do some of their own checks first before ordering up lipo's that don't fit


I've done it and was sure it was gonna work - but didn't take into account of wires/balance lead as well

so I feel OP's stress

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