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MSA Sordins

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Hi All,


I am looking to get a pair of MSA Sordin Supreme pro-x to protect my hearing whilst having the benefits of the headset 'features'


Does anyone know any forums where I can look to get a pair maybe 2nd hand and also a place to ask some questions?

I have found them new for £180




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I have a pair of MSA Sordins that I use for radio comms (work and milsim use).


You could always try the milsim airsoft central group on facebook for advice but Ebay is good for sourcing if you want a deal.




If you just want the hearing protection with the AUX IN so you can hear a radio, but not transmit, then there are currently a few deals on Ebay providing youre not fussy about ear shell colour etc.

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Ah great thank you.


Yeah, the ones I've found so far are off eBay (attached screw shot as couldn't link off my phone for some reason)


I don't need the boom mic version as I will transmit using a speaker mic so the sordins will be purely used for listening/protection etc....


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