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Beefy batreries in a TR15

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Just a quick one:


I just tried my tr15 with new lipos. The new ones are 2600 mAh, 25c, 7.4v wired to deans connectors and after a couple hundred rounds to see if I had fixed the feeding issue (looking good so far) the motor felt rather hot through the grip, just starting to border on uncomfortable, but not too hot that I couldn't hold the grip.


As far as I know, the gun is stock apart from being wired up to deans. Is this heating normal? I didn't notice it at my last skirmish using 1600 mAh NiMh batteries but I was wearing gloves whenever I held the grip


And also. Changing the hop chamber for a Pro-Win seemed to fix the blowback. Now the ejection port opens more than half an inch :D

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Some motors run warmer than others and everybody has their own definitions of warm to hot etc.....

The deans + lipo has made your gun a bit more snappy with motor being supplied with a lot more instant juice


it should be fine tbh - you ain't going ultra nutz at all


motor getting very warm very quickly could be motor height and/or bevel shimmed too low

(or a badly shimmed motor at factory - had one of those cheapo neodym motors getting really hot quick)


of course you will feel the motor getting hotter now - but I can't say how hot coz I ain't holding it

also shooting 30 quick semi shots will get warmer than 60 on full auto coz motor is working so much harder from still


wearing thick gloves or fit a thicker motor grip - lol


shooting out on field is different to testing a gun on rapid semi spamming in ya garden.

it "should" be ok coz it ain't really going nutz which on an PBB box you shouldn't really be pushing crazy rof imho

up to 20rps is maybe the fastest I'd take a PBB box with a stock m100 spring as them boxes can crack a bit more than normal ones if really pushed


you can only try it - but it ain't going mental in my book at all - the gun should handle and be lipo ready

25c is moderate - some nutters won't use anything below 40c but 25 is what I use and works well enough for me

have a couple of 20c & 30c but 25c is fine and not silly burst rate in my book

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Nice one, I'll check my motor height and see if it gets any better

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