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Couple of quickies from Epsom

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Couple of quick vids from Epsom worth a giggle!



There is a few bits of bad language so viewer discretion for the young :)











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Is that a video called 'Safety First' where people are wearing no eye pro while someone is shooting, in what looks like the safe zone?


In the safe zone a Marshalls loads someones gun and shoots them in the ass for what sounds like dry firing. I mentioned this in my review of the place over a year ago, it is not a safety kind of site. The safe zone isn't safe, they don't chrono and I had my finger fractured from a BB hit, ie a massively over power (considering its meant to be 328 fps) gun. You go to Epsom at your own risk and you are best wearing your goggles continuously.

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Safety First - I ain't watched the vid yet but that is the last bit of Safe-Zone as you head out to the combat zone/tunnels


I made a couple of returns to Safe Zone to respawn with mag still in my gun and the head Marshal was on the ball

He could of shot my ar$e but eventually the penny started to drop.....


It is an easy mistake for many people to make - you can enter the Safe-Zone 2 ways though usually depending on game area

you normally enter from the path into the tunnels rather than from the outer tunnels perimeter

but as it is darker than most sites and all so new & different - lame excuse I know but often respawning is done from Safe Zone

rather than Dead Zone in combat zone - so guess I failed to get into habit of keep taking out mag & clearing gun

(as I suck at this airsoft this is & died loads n loads maybe more reminding needed than the pro tunnel rats)


I would keep eye-pro on at all times when returning to respawn - only remove for lunchtime when all guns are left safe inside


One time there was a battle going on where the outer perimeter or other side of Safe Zone was used

I needed to pop out outside to squeeze my lemon but made sure my mask was on when I started to make my way outside


It is FULL-ON, so ensure YOU are taking YOUR safety very very seriously as I put my hands I could of f*cked up

they gave me a stern warning for mag in but they ripped me a new one when I did a quick dry fire - deffo no mag in there

but gun's trigger was starting to stick - still firing when trigger released - think tight contacts binding switch when trigger pulled really tight

well I forgot and stated to pull trigger - true safe dry firing but the head marshal was a LOT LOT MORE STERN as he bollocked me

(rightly so too - silly twat me looking back at it - the safe zone is that and nearly all sites state not even dry firing should be done)


reality is a short tiny couple of shots of dry firing you often hear, though usually at my local if I test a gun on dry fire

it is done at my car - so my interior or windscreen would be at risk if my gun wasn't fully clear


above all we rely on all players and ourselves to always try to play safe and put this safety before anything else

Epsom are far from perfect on chrono maybe but I will say the marshal's - head Marshal was deffo on the ball in Safe Zone

(could of light me up - and think he was gonna when I dry fired but that was my very very last warning I felt so I deffo complied afterwards)

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Just came back from Epsom, and It was great fun. The marshal was very strict with weapon handling inside the safe zone, and gave anyone a hard time for not obeying safe zone rules. They didn't run a chrono however. Some hits were worse than others, but I don't think that anyone's gun was op.

When it comes to sportsmanship, it was top notch, everyone reported their hits and there was no foul play from what I've seen.


All in all a great experience - possibly not for everyone, as the place is pitch dark, and most fights are only mere feet from one another - but it keeps the adrenaline flowing and the game exciting and unpredictable. Don't visit without a full face mask, protective gloves or boots, or you WILL have a bad time.

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