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OPS Multicam Black Combat Clothing and Plate Carrier

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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Hey all,

I was asked a while ago to do a review on the OPS combat clothing I got from Hueys, this was inspired purely by a copy of airsoft international and my need to always buy things that are slightly different!

So without further ado –

I bought the following from Huey’s

OPS combat shirt multicam Black
OPS combat trousers multicam Black
OPS plate carrier multicam Black

The only downside really is the stock levels that are maintained I was waiting for around a month or so before the above all came into stock luckily the guys had me on the list and let me know the second it came in!

This is how the kit looks now after 3 uses at Epsom Tunnels, for those that don’t know it’s a dark dirty and damp environment so good clothing is essential, I previously wore jeans and well it didn’t go to well for me.






The trousers and top have the option to add removable protective inserts for the elbows and knees and these come with it this was one of the reasons I went for the brand as my worst pain so far has been dropping onto my knee and landing square on a BB seriously this was far worse than being shot or cracking a bone in my foot I was incapacitated for a good few minutes whilst crawling along the floor in the dark.. Not a manly look. Plus I then had damp jeans for the rest of the bleeding night double whammy.

So far the quality of them I think is brilliant, they are very comfy and have endless amounts of pockets and storage space I haven’t felt the damp yet and it does a great job of taking the edge off the bb hits. I do have the habit of jumping on the floor and crawling or bashing into walls and wood, I haven’t noticed any damage marks or tears to the clothing so durability seems to be good as well. The temperature is normally around 1-4 degrees as well but you get warm running around so it’s not noticeable the real test will be when I take this kit outside which will hopefully be soon.

Pleasingly it blends really well into the darkness better infact than my all black outfit I used to wear ( yes the jeans ) people said that it appeared as a void and just shot me, with the multicam black on more than one instance I have managed to creep up on people or indeed have them walk past me oblivious cue pistol to arse shot

As you can see with the trousers there are plenty of pockets and storage compartments, some of which can easily hold m4 mags, the knee pads are a solid construction and have prevented bb knee syndrome as I know call it so I am eternally grateful for that and no longer scared of the floor. My missus said they make my backside look good to so I guess that’s approval from her…
The waist is adjustable too which is grand via some Velcro straps, the only thing I’m not keen on is driving in them while done up as they really can dig in when sitting or playing it doesn’t happen I have only noticed it while in the car although that could just be the silly seats I have. I haven’t owned any clothing like this before but the biggest compliment I can pay is since I bought these I haven’t looked at all for any other clothing. I use a Blackhawk thick belt with it too which fits nicely through the waist band hoops you won’t have any issues getting a belt through this. Overall I am really impressed with the trousers as they do have a hefty price tag in comparison with other brands but from my experience with them I don’t regret paying it.




The shirt is a simple no nonsense piece again very comfy and you forget you’re wearing it, the elbow pads have been a nice touch when clattering into walls avoiding a barrage of BB’s. It also does a very good job of dispersing sweat I wear a T shirt underneath and it’s never soaked so kudos to the shirt for that. You have Velcro points on the arm for badges and what not or if you’re like me and have a crazy mate who just buys hello kitty storm troopers and sticks it on without you noticing. Not too much to comment really on the top as it is a shirt but matches the trousers is the same quality and shows no signs of wear or damage cant moan!





The plate carrier this is probably my favourite thing, but also my most loathed due to the availability of pouches and accessories for it!

It’s a lovely piece of kit I think, very well made and very comfortable I think it looks great too with plenty of space and molle attachments, it seems a sleeker design than some others too but it hasn’t been a hindrance yet. In its current guise it is set up with the following

Admin pouch medium with pistol mag
Admin pouch large with pistol mag x 2
Dump bag
M 4 mag x 2
556 mag x 2
Grenade pouch
Water bladder pouch and 3 ltr bladder
OPS sling mount ( great little thing )

Sadly the majority of this has come from abroad due to stock levels in the UK but a man has to do what a man has to do! I also have some SMG mag pouches but wont use them until I get my P90 and ill probably build another plate carrier anyhow the one you see now is still work in progress as I haven’t decided what my main weapon will be yet.
With all this attached and rigged it doesn’t feel uncomfortable or overbearing you may notice the grenade pouch is black as I can’t find a multicam version of it sadly but hopefully one will appear. Nothing has broken or fallen off in the 3 harsh games I have given it so durability so far is good and for me comfort is great which for me is key.




Currently im very pleased with the purchases and the kit shows no signs of wear or damage, it’s also washed up very nice too, what will be interesting is to see how it holds up with prolonged use and outdoor conditions I personally think it will hold up totally fine and I have no intentions of looking for any other form of combat gear. I love the look and the feel of it also that its unique im yet to see anyone with a similar look to me at Epsom.



Would I recommend it, Yes I would if you want the black/dark special ops look or something different it ticks those boxes impressively for what is a high initial cost if it continues like this it will be a very worthy investment that will last years to come.

Hope this is of use to you all and any questions fire away

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Now that's one awesome set up! I may have to look next month.

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Cheers dude


It's on my to do list to get a proper loadout pic of my gear and guns maybe tonight after I play :)

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Thank you for the review. The kit looks great and it is much better to have a player giving all the pros and cons than just relying on a magazine article.

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No worries hope it was an easy read and as you say I always prefer peoples reviews to magazines :)

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very nice, ive been toying with the idea of black set up, I like the ATACS-Le stuff but still browsing and this is a great alternative! :)

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Good review, I have the same shirt and trousers but in Multicam Tropic and they are great bits of kit. If anyone is interested as a point of reference I have one of the multicam tropic shirts made by Tru Spec and whilst the material on that is sturdy(and by no means a bad shirt) it feels very cheap and coarse compared to the Ops one. However you can roll the Tru Spec sleeves up, whilst I barely can on the Ops one with the elbow pads removed and I by no means have chunky forearms :)


Found out the other day that the standard side pockets you get on almost all trousers and the openings just in front of them for the knee pad draw strings hold PMAGs perfectly. Makes for an insanely lightweight setup for CQB, although I don't know if I would risk it crawling about in woodland - Although they do sit quite snugly and the pockets go deeper than a mag pouch does.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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