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GC16 30th Questions

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So I've recently bought the G&G GC16 MOD 0 30th Anniversary gun (that's a mouthful) and I've got some questions about it which hopefully can be answered (it's my first gun):


1) The battery compartment is in the lower hand guard at the front of the gun (don't have pics sorry) but like the standard CM16 line, it has slits in the side of the hand guard so should I be worried about the battery being damaged by rain? E.g. If playing in the rain, the water would probably get into the battery compartment so is this risky? And should I tape up the slits or something similar?


2) Was it a good buy? I know this is hugely debatable but I was hoping that I'd be able to use it for a few years because it's mostly metal (more durable?), has a high availability of replacement/upgrade parts and has pretty good stats


3) what possible upgrades are there? I'm planning to upgrade it gradually but other than an optics and a sling I'm not sure what else I could do. Right now it runs on a 9.4V battery, and I was looking at changing the inner barrel and adding a mock suppressor but it seems uncertain whether each of them have an effect or not. Site limit is 350fps and I don't want to make it into a DMR, so should I ignore the barrel and suppressor? And are there any other upgrades I could do that would be worth the cost? (Without going over FPS limit). Thanks in advance :)

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When I had a front wired gun, I simply mounted a dummy PEQ box which holds a battery on one of the rails on the handguard. I then got the battery that would fit in to the PEQ, and just connected them (fed the wires to connect the battery through the slits in the handguard). Never had a problem.


Yep, it is a good buy, pretty solid gun. It is an M4 platform meaning there are so many parts out there, you can practically replace anything and everything, be it for cosmetic reasons or performance.


A vertical grip (I have one with a bipod inside - they're called 'gripods') is a pretty good attachment, but you may prefer an angled grip (I personally have both on my gun, so I can hold it however I feel like!). Mock suppressors really are just there for looks if you attach it on the end of your gun. Sure, it may make the 'snapping' noise of the BB change a bit (not by much) but it won't make your gun quieter (most of the noise is from the gearbox in the body of your guns). Pretty useful if you have an inner barrel which is longer than your outer - the suppressor can cover it. Suppressors just look badass, and you can achieve many different looks with them. Tighter inner barrel may give your gun a bit more accuracy, but I find it doesn't help too much, I wouldn't waste the money on one.


Sure, there are also a lot of internal upgrades you can do, but if you don't want an increase/decrease in FPS or the ball ache of messing about with a gearbox, I'd suggest leaving it alone until/if something happens to it. Don't try fix what isn't broken, right? If your fine with the FPS, then leave it be.


Minor things like adding deans connectors will give you a slight boost in your RPS (but seriously not by much - we are talking about an extra BB per second or something).


I've done a bunch of cosmetic upgrades to my gun. In fact, I've nearly replaced every part of it meaning I could probably just rebuild my original gun with all the spares... You'll see things and want them for your gun as time goes on - this is just something that happens.


Lots of things you can do, much more than I've mentioned here. Find what works for you performance wise and cosmetically. Find the perfect balance - make the gun YOURS.

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1) - only tape it up if you shoot & scuba dive at same time

(seriously unless you play in absolute pi$$ing down rain, monsoon, thunderstorms I think you will be ok)


2) - G&G's "should" last you a good while and are easy to fix/repair if the decent gearbox etc... goes pear shape

(you may or may not think it was a good investment - if you have bought a number of $hit guns like moi you will have plenty to compare it with)


3) - a bit of your own accessories or what not, no real must "upgrades" are really required, yes you can boost this or that

personally leave as is performance wise, if in a year's time she needs a little service or tlc then a tweak here n there perhaps


Believe it or not, guns don't have to get upgrades asap - you can just get out and use them "as is"

With any gun or upgrades - there is a line of where do you start/stop

it is a good gun imho, the front sight can be removed easily to mount your own red dot

the front battery compartment offers a good amount of battery room

good G&G internals in there & is metal for any "must have metal" owners

but tbh even the polymer G&G CM's hold up very well


think your barrel is about 330mm which is a nice size 275 to 330 is perfect M4 size & not too long

only bother to change barrel if you want to change the length really

(ffs - don't think madbull tight bore barrel is a must have - personally I think they are over priced/rated anyway)

and if you change barrel length by more than say a couple of inches you need to change cylinder perhaps


your battery is a 9.6v nimah if using a 8 x 1.2v battery btw

(or a 8.4v if 7 x 1.2v nimah cells)

DO NOT JUST SHOVE IN A 11.1v LIPO in there

a mosfet should be fitted if you want to go for higher juice but that can be considered later on if really needed

shoving in a shs high speed motor is not advised without doing some internal tweaks/service

(I snapped off the first pick up tooth running stock guns faster n faster with hi speed motors - TWICE I DID THIS - doooohhhhh)


once your G&G's fps drops to say under 300, then "maybe" look at a service/tweak but for now leave it as is

get out there & get shooting - in a friendly airsofting skirmish way I mean



Later on - when she is not performing as expected then a service......

long term service may require very little money - more time & care....


New nozzle with o-ring - £4 to £5 aprox

New piston o-ring - uhm get a packof 6 or 10 for a few quid I guess but check seals

Angle of Engagement - couple of neoprene washers will be fine for most moderate builds - ergh few quid a pack of 10/25

(Sorbothane+Neoprene is best but unless you are going for long term high rof/fps neo will suffice)


possible considerations....

New cylinder head or ptfe tape to ensure good seals

bearing spring guide - helps to claw back some fps lost in AoE as well reduces spring twisting under tension

new m100 spring if your old spring loses its mojo tension - after a while all springs lose a little tension

maybe replace any of the worn 8mm bronzey G&G bushings - with better bushings and reshim box

(perhaps additional shims required especially when using bearings - but really read up on this shimming coz it really matters)


grease up inside when doing these - possible mosfet install at same time whilst box is open


now box is serviced and running better - read up or get somebody a little mechanical to help you with it

(takes pics, open box in bag - it may explode on you first time opening up - just do some research really)


But for now just use it - just don't go buying loads n loads of bits like madbull bollox that you really won't need

a few decent shs bits n bobs will do perfectly - its all in the fitting and care really

I know this coz I've made and still making plenty of noobie mistakes

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1. Dont worry its absolutely fine, watch this video:


2. It will shoot well out of the box so play with it a bit first then decide if you want to upgrade speed, precision or range. Basically just what SD said. If youre keen to open it up though, then aoe and shimming and some airseal mods should be done

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Thanks for the help guys, I really appreciate it. I was really just wondering if there's anything I should do before using the gun properly but like BigBlackGlock said, there's no point trying to fix it if it isn't broken so I'll use it for a while until it's underperforming and then give it a good service and at that point I can start considering some of the changes that sitting duck said (thanks a lot for that, saved it in my notes).


I've already got a gripod and I think I'll just buy a nice sling and some extra battery sets so I can start playing the 26-hour battles at my local site (anyone have any idea how many batteries that would need!?) Might just carry round some duct tape in case it's thundering down, and might be useful in a hostage/milsim situation ;)

Thanks again guys

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