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Bolt Airsoft? And krytac new shipment date August UK

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Quite like the look of Bolts new range but I have no clue on the make at all. I can't find many reviews on the stuff. I'm comparing to the krytac range, however all sites are out of stock. I have had word saying new krytac shipment will be in The UK Tuesday 4th August 2015. So my guess is distribution shortly after that date. Anyways. What are your thoughts on bolt?


Krytac shipment date info source: shield psd (krytac UK importer)



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From what i've read the Bolt rifles don't last so you would be better off looking at the Magpul PTS ERG range. For the money i'd get an ERG, or if you can afford it a TM recoil shock. Hard to say if the new Bolt range is better than the old ones, which people said were great till they started playing up after a few months use.


The general consensus on Krytac guns is they are well made, however they haven't been around long enough, especially in the UK for people to be aware of issues they may have.

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