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DIY magazine coupler (all mags - pic heavy)

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I'm sure we've all seen the movies where special forces tape their mags together (one being upside down, so they can just flip the mags around). I didn't find that to be practical with my PMags, as it'd just make them too long and I wouldn't be able to use my bipod properly. So, I took the root of making a DIY magazine coupler. I did it because it allows you to change your mags in a split second which is pretty useful. Tape is fairly discreet so you don't look like a massive bellend.




All you need to do is put one or two spacers (placements in pictures below) about 1 to 1.5cm thick (to make sure the mags don't hit the magwell lip), stick them down to the mag (with more tape!) put the second mag on top, and tape them together. Use quite a bit of tape and wrap the tape fairly tight to hold the foam or whatever you're using as a spacer in place. FYI: The spacers are just bits of stacked foam wrapped in electrical tape. You can use whatever you want. I know there is a magpul on one of the PMags, but I took it off once I had finished and put tape around the bottom instead - no point have a magpul. Here it is:



Where to put the mag spacer(s). You will be fine with putting one, but two makes it more sturdy:






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