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Cyma cm515 cheapo plastic Keymod aeg £70 aprox

Sitting Duck
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OK got actually 2 of these from TWG as I am a sucker for cheap crappy guns


soz - first pic I forgot to include duck in it, but wtf I'll chuck it in

or photoshop it later if it really is a must have - this is start of a review of it


Below is a finished cm515 after a little bit of work - they are too hot out of box and fire slowly on lame stock motor




OK - first thing it is plastic - no really it really is plastic nigh on everywhere except barrel & yup full metal box


Magazine catch - plastic

Receiver - top & bottom plastic - plus keymod too

Flip sights - plastic & they will break with regular heavy use/abuse especially front folding - well click/snapp off sight

Yup this is deffo plastic but not a high end polymer but more the cheap brittle type plastic imho


Even the stock tube is plastic and the crane stock - well yeah plastic but interesting is its is not quite the norm

It is on there f*cking tight, thought I was gonna snap the rear of the receiver off removing stock tube....

lever of with back of knife/screwdriver, fitting another type or swapping stocks from other guns shows the stock/tube

is different - tight/loose fitting when swapping bits around from say G&G's etc....


Not that it really bothers me coz may fit fixed full stock on there or might eventually go back to the cheapo crane setup


Deffo not your G&G standard of polymer starter gun - but it does look like a much more expensive gun

and is not quite as bad as I am making out but really point out loads of faults with it so you are all aware


Now another thing that I haven't checked - others like Mr B had a cyma and the delta ring thread may be different

than on other guns - some other makes people have had to re-thread the front receiver

But c'mon at this silly price you would use it for what it is rather than go nutz on loads of swap outs ffs

So with that in mind can you use this cheapo pile of plastic junk that should be in the bin


could it actually do for a laugh or a cheapo spare gun/backup that doesn't look like a JBBG pile of $hite


Actually - it ain't bad once you get past the cheapo feel, the box is full metal 8mm bushings and not complete $hit


Cyma's make good AK's but M4's are not really their strong point

So as gun comes in shooting at 405fps and I didn't opt for free spring downgrade as wanted to do it myself etc....

Therefore this is going to be a review of internals and the cyma box having a bit of tweak and put back together

then see how she shoots.

As she is back together I will grab a pic or two from another site and point out stuff to watch out for......


OK - before I placed my order I read this french translation of them cheapo CYMA or Spartac M4's

so I could get a rough idea just how cheap n nasty to expect......



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Now not gonna edit copy past loads of stuff or add loads n loads of pics.....


The guy has a good shot of gearbox open and it ain't that bad

full metal, 8mm bushings - note the oiled filled cross type

these are supposed to wear gears a bit more than the solid type


but as I got delivery on Monday instead of Friday, with work n stuff I didn't get time to work on here until Friday really

plus I wanted to take her shooting Saturday so I left most as is, the shimming wasn't bad either

but I plopped in 2 x shs 8mm bearings on right side of box on bevel & spur

(could fail soon but wtf them gears turn the most so thought give them half a bearing and see how it goes to roll freely)


The motor in first one was crap - real crap 8rps @ 405fps so that ain't going back in there

(the other is about 10.5rps @ 405fps)


a few things to point out.....


Tappet plate - clear and not a good grip on a shs m4 nozzle - same size as crap leaking clear nozzle

THE TAPPET PLATE HAS SOME CUT OUTS - if you look real close at the french pic of nozzle/tappet

near where nozzle sits is aprox 2mm shaved off it at both sides.....

I used a better old G&G m4 tappet plate that gripped the shs m4 o-ring nozzle but had the shave/file out some at front/sides

so a little tappet modding is required - not much tbh but it ain't a straight install of regular v2 tappet plate


Cylinder head just fell out of cylinder - real pi$$ poor seals, no REAL piss poor seals

Also the piston head seemed too small or cylinder a little too large - no way was they gonna seal at all

Hmmm think I had a spare slightly thinner diameter cylinder - yup that is starting to seal nicely

I found an old crappy cylinder head that the alingment holes were way too far back for most boxes

but it nearly fitted in this cyma box - minor enlargement of holes on cylinder and she was in sealing nicely

(actually was so damn tight on tighter cylinder a little sanding but she did finally fit in there - best seal ever I think)

The silver stock cylinder was suppose to be a type 1 - port far back for this gun's 380mm barrel

it was a full type 0 cylinder - so had made my own diy porting on the cheap tigher brass cylinder

using duck maths - it should be aprox 53mm (38 for 380+15 head space)

but due to tighter diameter I mad it a smidge more at about 56mm I reckon - yup think that is gonna work....


Hold up a sec - stock piston's last metal tooth is just flapping about - really loose, too loose to glue it place

ok another look through spares box and found an old green SRC piston

I actually had areally nice ready to go full complete piston that sealed just as great but it was a tad tight fit in gearbox

When I tested just piston it was really binding slipping back n forth in gearbox runners - bit of sanding

nope she is strill quite tight - jeez ok take stock piston apart and replace onto SRC piston - yup look very nice now


Spring Guide - pah it is "supposed" to have a bearing spring guide - bollox

Cyma have used the same spring guides as a v3 and is white plastic with 2 washers on it that is all

I did put a M4 bearing spring guide on there but gun was a tad hot so had to open her back up and replace stock guide

and even then she only just scraped under chrono - just as it was 348 - 352 but they ergh & uhm and just allowed it

truth is a smidge more hop - which it actually needed and she was staying under (just)


The other slightly qwirky thing is the safety - it has a tiny screw on outside of box - remove that then lift or open box

weird, most others have the safety lever/arm bolted together INSIDE gearbox


I could of and would of used thicker mofo wire in there but I had a silver low resistance wire from a fetted gun I rewired with mofo wire

Time was pushing on, so grabbed that low silver wire and used that in there for now.....

Quite a bit of room inside box wiring grooves for 16awg, may need a smidge of file/work but no way as crazy as G&G boxes to get 16awg in


Yup I am quite happy how its going so far so late afternoon I'm putting here back together with a slightly used Element m105 spring

A m4 bearing spring guide is going in there - it don't quite "lock" into place as the box comes with a v3 cheapo plastic one

but it is held in there and seems to not wanna go anywhere - wtf It is closed up now so I'm gonna get her ready.....


Note - the gearbox has the red thread glue, when opening her up I just slightly tightened screws first to "break" the bond

then unscrewed them - sort of common sense but I didn't know just how strong the glue or screws were tightened

anyway she opened up ok no drama's there and closed back up ok with the m105 spring in there.....


Test firing late evening - crap first one 349.99 - wow I'm good.....

then 360, 362 :(


crap so this morning I removed bearing spring guide and put back stock v3 and got her (just) under 350


tried various motors some hit 17.5rps - slow torquey neodym

the shs high speed was best for speed but was starting to double cycle on a beefy lipo

zci wasn't bad but seemed a bit screechier - shs was looking better option


in the end it behaved itself by using a lower 20c 7.4v and she didn't double fire - well 99% of time

but at 24rps she wants to try and over run on semi......


Hence when you go real nutz you need to Shortstroke n use m110/120 springs to stop this and prevent PE


OK - how does she shoot......


Not bad - it is stupidly light - 2kgs

is just as good as a G&G imho - certainly better out of box than a Gen 1 SRC or most guns from JBBG etc.....


it isn't bad inside - yup I radius'd the box at front corners - takes 30 seconds per corner with a small round file

AoE corrected with a "proper" sorbo sandwhich - Lozart will be pleased

neoprene - sorbothene - neoprene, then removed the crap loose stock cylinder head pad and glued in my sorbo sandwhich


Anyway - she shoots quite good, looks like a more expensive keymod model from a distance (good distance)

used up some old spares in my box, a new shs nozzle & atm using a high speed shs motor but could settle for a cheap £20 neodym motor

that would bring her in at about £100 just over - but that is me doing the messing about myself

(which I probably do to most of mine after I have broken them from abuse)


Unfortunately - only went half day at TWA as I was ripping her open and swapping out spring guide/motors this morning

and when I was there it was a lot of semi only games - bummer coz I wanted to just go nutz and hammer thousands of bb's

(going nutz and mentally trigger happy is a bloody good build test in my book on as juicy volts that she can take)


So I didn't quite get to put her through the spamming stress test but hopefully she is a better build than my first few

(can't be no worse than my first few disaster builds in my SRC's etc....)


anyway she seems ok to me for giggles but I like cheapo crap

if you ain't techy minded - get a G&G

if you like to tinker then she ain't that bad for such a crazy cheapo price

maybe she will just fall to bits - but suppose I can always use the gearbox in another gun after she has snapped in two from colliding with trees etc

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ooh I spoke too soon about JBBG etc....




suppose with RC10 if it still works to get 10% off it brings it down to £99 delivered 2 tone UK

but likely to be still hot for most sites if over 350-400fps


hmmmm - still think Raider Long is worth the extra but I would say that with all my G&G's

Still if you can buy the 2-tone for under £100 but might need downgrade


£70 RIF from TWG, a few bits n bobs around and a better motor - say £100 again


it could be worth a look - IF YOU ARE A BIT TECHY !!!!!


if not like I said a Raider is a better quality gun but is gonna cost £160+ with del battery charger etc....

(cm515 comes with a really crappy battery + charger like most china guns to at least get you going)


Oh and the second 515's stock slid off very easily - so guess the ultra stiff first one was a one-off ???

duck jnr wants me to make a ridulously light dmr on second one for giggles and says it ain't bad

(that in fact is quite a compliment as he normally says most of my stuff is $hit)

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I know it's an old post, (I hope it pops up again) but thanks for this, Sitting Duck. Even after a search on here, I couldn't find a review apart from some lad on you tube. Anyway, I've just bought one of these from TWG. 63 quid! My intention was to skirmish it till it broke then use my limited techie skills to fix it, in an effort to improve them and it.

Probably use it as a back up, rather than a primary. If its a plasticky as you say, I may just give it a spray job.

From stock did you get a chance to test the range?

Do you think my plan to skirmish it till it broke would be a long term thing or should I start buying bits now?

I'd be interested to read an update on how its doing now, after some use.


Thanks, Duck.



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soz only just saw ya post....

for what you pay you do get ya money's worth imho


Samurai said the cyma barrels are good and can confirm this

As a guy with a much better gun than this was saying "f*ck me you got some range on that"

before anyone thinks they use prommy's they don't but it is a good stock barrel I'd say

though it was flying a bit near the end but was lifting 0.25's quite well - just not perfectly straight but hey what do ya expect

In fact putting the barrel in another gun I noticed a bit of creep on the 380mm compared to a 407mm zci tbb

So it ain't just a hacked up bit of pipe so to speak......


After 15k rounds the thing started to misfeed and thinking the bucking was chewed or lips bent I popped it in another gun

and swapped barrels about a bit - the 515 barrel fed fine and crept up the fps a bit

and a lamer G&G barrel hop fed fine in 515 but fps was down a smidge - so who knows exactly what went a bit pear shape

(not swapped it all back yet or used the 515 with G&G barrel/hop much more than an afternoon end of last year)


The Gearbox is a little qwirky but very sound and seen a speed freak using the box for high speed builds

Yes the spring guide is a v3 type not v2, but 8mm cross bushings that this speed freak seems to have kept using

The Safety has to be undone to open box up - a bit weird

and the clear tappet plate has some cut outs on it as I mentioned - weird but just something to remember if changing tappet/nozzle

As shs o-ring ring didn't like sitting in clear cyma tappet plate....

Gears seem sturdy and this gun comes in at about 400fps my guess with a good 115 spring to 120 spring

if changing out spring a shs m100 will be plenty

you don't get a bearing spring guide and tbh I had to remove mine as it was running hot with a lightly used element m105

cylinder head fell out of mine - would need a good bit of ptfe tape to seal up

and cylinder was full type 0 but maybe should have been type 1 ported but far back ports


The hop is a plastic one - perhaps a better hop unit would of made it behave a bit better


The motor is quite lame though but we are talking not much worse than std G&G's and remember it is pulling a bigger spring

A shs torque or maybe speed like I fitted to mine will give it plenty of zest

but std mag isn't the dogz nutz at all again very plastic and feels it


The sights do feel rather cheap and plastic and they are flip up sights that do feel like they could bust in cold weather over time/abuse

The receiver - it is that brittle plastic rather than better G&G polymer but what do you expect for such little outlay

Crane stock has a bit more room for batteries than G&G's squeeze tubes, the stock tube is plastic as is the mag catch

actually nigh on everything is plastic - but the plastic keymod looks nice and comes with 3 little rails to mount crap on


One thing I will say about receiver and removing box....

There is like a little lug of plastic on top of lower receiver than restricts the box coming out a little and needs a little wiggle

the box comes out eventually and is a bit of a squeeze getting box back in but went in ok in the end

When I had to remove spring guide coz it was shooting a tad too hot....

On refitting the box back and wiggle squeeze the selector plate broke going back in but had a spare one luckily

So it might be worth filing down a 2mm bit of plastic carefully to allow box to go back in/out a little easier

box is affixed very well in receiver with the pins - allen key types but they hold it together just fine


Now if the gun busts in cold weather from abuse don't blame me but even if it does when you break it down into parts

then I feel it is a decent box, the keymod would enhance any G&G carbine or other cheap starter gun

The crane stock offers good room inside so if after blowing £65-£70 on this I think you wouldn't have done bad

plus the cyma barrel seems to be pretty decent for such a stupidly low priced gun

I've spent £100 at JBBG and got next to f*ck all left to show for it


It may need a bit of work but nothing major

It may break easier than a G&G receiver

but if you have a bit of sense and take it for what it is - use it as it is and nothing more then its a consideration

If you expect gun to last - haven't got a clue about internals then get a G&G


Gun still works just the misfeed started to happen after about 15k rounds but it got some hammering - went out only about 4 times

so blasted loads of high caps through it. very light been bashed lightly a few times but haven't walloped it about


They got the tan/dark earth in now at TWG and another cheapy gun that is spitting image of G&G Raider at same price £70

but I am really trying to stop buying and start shooting/using the stuff I already got


As a backup - heck anything will do at a push but this ain't bad even if you have to use all day

it ain't a krytac - heck it ain't got the same decent feel of G&G but inside it is pretty decent considering the peanuts it costs


don't expect miracles though and you should feel quite content with what you got for so little


hope this answers your questions - didn't use it at 400fps I quickly change the spring and some tweaks like I said in review

Best wishes and if you need anything answered I'll rip the other one open

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Thanks, again, sir.

I like to turn up with cheapo guns that perform better than some of the expensive stuff, so I couldn't resist this one.

I had TWG downgrade it so I hope I don't have to crack it open too soon.

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23 minutes ago, Airsofting-blog.co.uk said:

I have a review on my blog if you wanna take a look. Good starter gun.


Alternately you could post a review of the gun on this forum.

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