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Baz JJ

An Interview with Okto Eight Milsim

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We gave this interview recently.


We are a part of the Filmsim Ltd group owned by Josh Smith who also runs Gunman Airsoft.


Okto is a kind of brand that was designed to provide filmsim - milsim games. Lots of milsim companies provide the hard core style 24-48 hours continuous milsim games and they do it very well.

We are more "Movie meets Milsim".


We alternate our games (currently) between the two Gunman sites in Eversley and Kings Langley, which are situated around the M25 motorway ring to make it accessible for many players. We might play one of our future games at our third site in Tuddenham, Suffolk.


Okto is currently two games in to the Moldistan series and we do all we can to make it as realistic and immersive as possible. Our third game is due next month and we try to run games every four months. We don't see us as a replacement for skirmishes, more a special event for the airsofters calendar.


Lastly, we wouldn't be where we are without fantastic support from the players. Many of them spend their free time making themselves additional props to play with at the game or to adorn their bases to increase the reality factor.


We are a very friendly group and if you feel you would like to try something else to add to your airsoft repertoire, its worth giving it a go.

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