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The Luggage

'Op Diamond PMC' Sunday 7th June

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A team of Private Military Contractors (PMC's) acting as security detail for a major diamond shipment has been ambushed. The PMC leader is injured but the diamonds still secure. A large force of armed bandits is trying to hunt the team down. The diamonds are to pay for a new peace keeping force in the region. Primary Mission - Locate and Rescue PMC's. Secondary Mission - secure safe recovery and delivery of diamonds to intended government. Neutralise all hostiles with extreme prejudice.

Surrender is not an option! The enemy take no prisoners!

Walk on just £20 with own weapon and equipment.
£45 Full day: Includes combat uniform, mask, weapon and 3000 BB’s. Full facilities available including hot snacks, tea, coffee and pyrotechnics. Doors open 08:30 (Please arrive ten minutes prior to complete paperwork)

CALL 01508 481841


Our walkon fee is £20 with you own kit, if you do wish to rent equipment we have a small number of rentals available on a first come first served basis, please reserve early to avoid disappointment (£10 deposit required for rental packages, please call 01508 481 841)

Gates open at 08.30 and we aim to play till around 15.30 - 16.30 depending on the time of year and daylight

The postcode to the site is NR7 9LW.

Please arrive 10 mins early to complete the disclaimer.

We have a fully staffed and covered base camp, (no need to set up from the boot of your car) with a small site shop stocking hot & cold drinks, snacks and a small amount of ammo and pyro.

We are also on facebook for more information.



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