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iBrowniee x

Trigger locks back on semi

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I went to a game today and throughout the whole day my gun worked fine but then as went to pull the trigger on semi it locked back and I had to pull it forward to shoot again. The trigger works perfectly fine on full auto but when on semi it stays pulled in. I haven't dropped it or anything so I have no idea what the problem is.

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bastid v2 semi switch problems


It "might" be trigger spring broken though just thought....


on full auto the switch spring will help return the trigger if its spring snapped


but on semi - the switch pops up and flies back but trigger hasn't got spring to pull it back no more

so you have to manually return trigger and it will relatch onto switch and fire ok on full auto


but on semi - it will always happen


yeah soz I'm thinking trigger's spring broke now not cut off lever as I first thought now I've re-read symptoms

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