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Airsoft_Mr B

CYMA M4 Appraisal

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Looking to sell this sometime soon as I'll be buying a JG AUG. I understand isn't worth much -for reasons below- but cost me ~ £150 new so would like to try and get something back.

Wondering how much you guys think I can get for it.


Internally it's all stock, will need a good clean which I may do before selling as admittedly hasn't been maintained very well.

Performance seems good and about on par with most other guns. As I said though needs to be cleaned and then will probably be a lot better.


Fully polymer receiver (upper & lower) Does not have a threaded outer barrel and has an old TM style delta ring / barrel nut so that normal aftermarket parts won't fit (for example the MOE handguard I'm including - will stay on but lower section does not fully lock into place and so sticks out, will show in pics I upload later)


Stock has scratched paint but I think it looks better worn. On the other side a not very noticeable attempt at Kryptek style pattern but is brown / green and hard to see.


Don't want to sell it with the case or sling, however I will include:

  • the red dot sight
  • couple King Arms (VN Style 20 Round) magazines
  • two metal CYMA hi-caps
  • original nunchuck crane stock battery + charger
  • The metal RIS with clone AFG and TDI style rail panels
  • Steel sling plate (attached)
  • PTS Magpul MOE Grip
  • Not pictured: genuine PTS Magpul carbine length MOE handguard

May include:

2x genuine PTS Magpul PMAGs (FDE)

genuine PTS Magpul ACS Stock (BLK)

G&P 'Battery Store' Foregrip (OD) Sell for ~ $20 + / seen them for £25 in the UK


Understandably kind of want to keep these ^ but won't be buying another AR anyway for a while until I get a Tippmann M4 or RM4 ERG


Thanks in advance






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around £75 - £80-ish....

might be able to sell it to a new player if a quick 2-tone job to tidy it up and you got battery etc....

(better than a JBBG even if it might need a clean)


looks like aprox 300 barrel so it ain't too long and plastic/polymer ideal for new younger player


wish I could say more but competing with new Carbine n Raiders, but depends how quick you need to sell it

might be worth keeping as spare for you or if a m8 goes with ya

deffo keep it if possible until you know ya AUG is running sweet

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