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Krytac SPR battery space

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I am far from getting to the point where I can say much about the actual gun because I haven't gotten it out to skirmish yet, but I am having one of those problems you just can't believe you would have!


The Krytac guns say they support Stick batteries, crane stocks and the smaller brick batteries. In practice I can't get any of those types of lipos to fit in the darn thing!


- The crane stock was the first thing I tried since I have a load of those, but the Vapex 2600mah 7.4V are too fat and while they "just" slide in you'll need pliers against the wires to get it out, and you'll brake your battery.

- The brick battery space is just big enough for an 1800mah, except it isn't because of the way it clips on. You can close it but you'll never open it again because the buttons will get stuck by the battery.

- The stick battery can't actually fit in the buffer tube because its got the fuse in there. Now normally on a gun the fuse and connector can come out so you can put them down the tube after the battery, but the Krytac comes with really short wiring and you can't get the fuse out of the way.


About the only thing I actually think you can get into this is a 2 or 3 prong butterfly 1300mah battery. Considering its a 22 rps gun with a torque motor that doesn't sound like a good idea, those batteries are regularly an issue with torque motors. So yeah Kind of irritated with the entire thing now. I am going to replace the stock completely, it has to be with a crane stock because I can't get a stick battery in there and I want to make sure it supports something 2A or more.


Krytac really need to design a better stock, the crane legs are too small, the back area clips are too tight for a brick battery and you genuinely can't get a stick battery in there. Being stuck on 1300mah or below batteries is a terrible design when their dimensions are so close to actually just fine. Had to vent.

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I've heard that the WE batteries are slightly thinner than the VP ones. I am intending to pick one of these up once I've sold my current gun so I'll keep my eye out for a review

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