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I have had one of these for a while, and whilst it has been brilliant it is now driving me crazy. In short every time I try and use it, something breaks and as I love being a support gunner I am getting desperate for assistance. I have spent about a day and half searching through the internet and whilst I have found some great advice on suggestions to improve the box mag, etc most of it is complete gibberish to a rank amateur of the sport. At present the gun is in its standard, straight out of the box type and Im really hoping for some tips/advice to upgrade it to a half decent reliable weapon in plain english!


I have currently noticed the following problems (although there may be more so please do comment if there are):


+Useless unfeeding box mag that keeps jamming

+Pathetic Range

+Low rate of fire

+Gearbox keeps shredding.


Any help would be very very appreciated!

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If i remember correctly aren't the Star support weapons gearboxes plastic? ive heard of many problems of overheating within the gearbox.


I cant give you advice for the magazine issue as i dont own one.




Pathetic range would indicate that you need a new inner barrel and Hop-up

Low rate of fire would indicate that you need to upgrade your motor and get some highspeed gears

Gearbox keeps shredding means get a metal reinforced gearbox shell and replace everything


Hope this helped you buddy.

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Thanks Matt


I have done a bit of research and I think I will be getting metal ARES m60 internals so should sort most of the problems. I have no idea how to change the inner barrel, or the hop-up thou so any further help would be much appreciated!




David turner

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