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OP Vengance 30TH - 31ST MAY 24HR EVENT

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In February 2014, pro-Russian activists seized control of government buildings in towns and cities across the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.



Gunmen there seized government buildings in February 2014 and raised the Russian flag a week after elected President Viktor Yanukovych, friendly to Moscow, fled during massive pro-EU street protests in Kiev.



However, when pro-Russian separatists made a move on Ukraine's industrial east end Russian forces appeared to be building a forward operating base up on the borders and have located munitions caches in nearby forested areas and building complexes and are being guarded by heavy weapons, mortars and sniper teams on over watch, the authorities in Kiev ordered an "anti-terrorist operation" which will be run by Nato special forces who will be air dropped into the surrounding areas in an attempt to seize any munitions caches and push back the pro-Russian activists and take back the industrial area and bring back some stability to the region.






Nestcliff training camp.

(FOB complex southern training area).

Shropshire, SY4 1BH.

Price £55

Minimum number of players rqd 30


Russian rebels

Russian load outs, DPM, FLECKTARN, MISSMASH OF UNIFORM. Balaklava if available.

Places Unlimited.


Damian Sladen Dep paid
Jon Read Dep paid
Richard Florence Dep peid
Dafydd Davies Dep paid
Tony Segalini Dep paid
Richard Burt. Dep paid
Sean Ganser. Dep paid
Warren Ganser Dep paid
Dave Meakin Dep paid
Phil Rove
Paul Westmacott Dep paid
Ron Mahoney
Clive Bowes
Sean Elliot
Tony McGrail
Anthony Fagan
Sam Ingham Dep paid
Mathew Day Dep paid
Aaron Simpson Dep Paid
Ashley Simpson Dep paid

Trevor Overy Dep paid

Darren Merton
Anthony Williams

Defend the industrial areas at all costs.
Place mortars, heavy weapons and sniper teams in place to defend the industrial complex and the FOB.
Search the enemy for any intel.

Nato special forces
MTP, MULTI-CAM. Digi cam,DDPM etc
Places Unlimited.

Deano Bore Dep paid
Steve G Dep paid
Mark Williams Dep paid
Dai Storey Dep paid
Mac McElhinney Dep paid
Garin Budge Dep paid
Callum Phillips Dep paid
Mike John Fox Dep paid
Pollux Dioskouri Dep paid
Franco Conan Dep paid
Castor Dioskouri Dep paid
Jay Johnson Dep paid
James Andrew Major
James Jones
Kim Chapman
Lloyd Walters
Tom Eason.

James Jones
Kim Chapman


Recce the surrounding area for potential caches,

Locate and destroy enemy support weapons, mortar teams and sniper units and force all enemy units out of the industrial areas and if possible force the pro separatists out of the FOB.

Search the enemy for any intel on weapons positions, enemy numbers, caches and any possible future intentions.

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Hi fellas. I have received confirmation from Enola gaye that we Are now able to purchase pyro for our events. If you are interested then let me know and I will place an order with them. Prices to follow early next week....

The pyro list will be..

WP 40 wire pull smoke.

EG 18 wire pull smoke.
Colours as above.

Burst wire pull smoke.
Colour's as above.

BB granades

Mk 5 Thunderflash
New EG thunderflash.

Prices will be up when I receive a price list from them. Enola Gaye have them all on you tube to view if you want to

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Ukraine, Russia border regions update.


It appears that the pro Russia separatists under the command of the renowned sniper Colonel Yuri Mahoney and his first officer Lieutenant Colonel Sladen have began to allow local farmers back into the areas surrounding their newly formed Garrison HQ which they have now called FOB ALPHA in an attempt to mislead any type of surveillance operations on gathering the relevant information to coordinate any form of coordinated air strikes on the surrounding buildings housing the weapons and munitions which will fuel their course.


Local sources say that large quantities of crates potentially carrying weapons and munitions have been moved from building to building on a daily basis and all of the operations are being run from a secondary command post within the wooded area of the America cops with some sort of satellite communications in place.


It is believed that a NATO commando by the name of Major General Johnson is planning an operation in and around the local area but since the Pro Russian separatists have now allowed civilians back into the surrounding areas the plan has apparently been put on hold to assess the amount of buildings the civilians may or may not be using for agricultural purposes.

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