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Mp5 identification

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Hi guys, does anyone know what mp5 has a metal upper, sliding hop on the left in front of the receiver, torch in the handguard, 3 position retractable stock please?


It's not a b&t as it has no sliding dust cover.




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A photo would really help here...





But it could well be a Classic Army. What do the markings say on the fire selector? Is it three pictures of bullets or does it say S E F?

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There are a number of different manufacturers who make essentially the same gun. JG, Cyma and Classic army are all clones of the TM gun. ICS is very similar but has some proprietary parts and sometimes a split gearbox. SRC are the same but the magwell dimensions are slightly different so it will need different mags. G&G MP5's will have blowback.

If there are no identifying markings, try different mags in it, if they all work then it is not SRC, if they all work but some brands don't feed as well as others it may be ICS.

Why does it matter? If its for the purposes of buying parts, it doesn't matter as they all take the same parts.

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It could be an early version CA B&T. I've got one that has most of the features you mention, including the torch front, but it has a full metal receiver that splits in the centre (i.e. vertically not horizontally), with hop adjuster on the left, although mine has a folding stock (similar to UMP) rather than a sliding one. If you want a few pics to compare, PM me your e-mail address and I'll send you some.

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Ok the fire selector markings are as follows..... 7 red bullet symbols for auto, one red bullet for s/a and a single white bullet crossed out and all have a thin line surrounding each, there's a marking "kal 9mmX19" on the left side of the mag well.


Why does it matter?


Simple really ... Should I decide to sell at any point I won't get a fair price if I type "unknown" as a brand.


The previous owner did say it was a classic army but no YouTube video showed a ca bt with this type of hop, I hope it is a CA though.


I have just seen on the base of the pistol grip type EG700 MP5series, does that help?

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After doing some googling, it has all the stampings of a tm mp5 minus the made in Japan and tm.

The rail clamps on by 4 vertical arranged hex bolts and little rectangular nuts.


It has the markings shown in this link.


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