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Thinking of selling my KWA SR10, whats it worth?

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How much do you guys think a kwa sr10 in good condition and upgraded internals goes for. It has firefly bucking. Edgi 6.01 inner barrel. Element motor grip. Wired to deans. Gate standard mosfet. Lonex piston piston head cylinder cylinder head and air nozzle also upgraded butstock don't remember the company of it. Only problem with this is the middle wheel for the hop up adjustment broke off so you have to use an allen key or something to turn the wheelpost-10917-0-08331900-1423955113_thumb.jpgpost-10917-0-88654700-1423955113_thumb.jpgpost-10917-0-28198800-1423955115_thumb.jpgpost-10917-0-06442000-1423955116_thumb.jpgpost-10917-0-94979600-1423955117_thumb.jpgpost-10917-0-99921500-1423955118_thumb.jpgpost-10917-0-99947600-1423955120_thumb.jpg

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