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Best version Steyr Aug A1???

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Hi Guys,


Ive been looking and looking, and still not completely sure-who makes the best A1 Aug?


APS has a cool para version with multiple mount points -ku904 and the barrels are interchangeable wth other aps aug versions.


Then theres ASG, JG, CA, TM etc etc.


When i mean best i mean best value for money, build quality, scope quality, gearbox and so on.


Really stumped, any help would be much appreciated

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Hmm well I think APS are pretty...meh. To me they don't seem too great but I can't really comment as I've never had one.

ASG don't make guns themselves (except the CZ3A1 and CZ805 which isn't released yet) their AUGs are re-branded JG!


I'd usually say TM will be the best in terms of scope quality and gearbox, but I'm not too sure because I think they're quite old? Nevertheless I imagine things haven't changed too much since then (isn't like it's one of their guns from the 90s)

I'd say JG is definitely gonna be the most well known 'go-to' option for an AUG, I'm buying one myself later this year. You can buy an A1 off TaiwanGun in Poland for about 120 euros I think. Personally after the A3 for 220 euros (165 quid) Don't know if there are any other differences aside from the front end externally to justify the extra 100 euros but would rather have the rails myself.

I recently made a topic on upgrading it and got a few replies from other guys all with TM AUGs, would suggest they're good guns.

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Thanks for the response, yeah i saw your post, was really informative. Im tight on budget here so id be looking for something that offered best quality straight from the box.


I guess the aps was too good to be true, it had some nice feature, and then with the asg a3 having those angled mounts near the receiver too i didnt know who was best.


I think i might lean towards the JG A4 then, though i liked the military model because of the integrated scope and im not much of an optics guy i figured the A1 would suit my needs for spotting and that would do. But if i got the JG A4 with a basic scope that woild do.


Have to say that i like that you can put your own foregrip on the newer models, saw a really nice curved foregrip used in an Airsplat video of the APS KU905 and it did look badass.


TM would just be too expensive for me, i have a serious lack of funding!


Thanks for the advice, doubtless i will be back asking more questions haha

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ive a a1. and we dont get on. but externally its tough as. and i can confirm between a tm aug and the jg one parts seem to be fully compatible as i had to buy a gearbox from a tm one off ebay and get lots swapped around(the joys of buying second hand.) and its one of the few guns where just because its tm dosent make it super awesome compared to the others. so if its definitely an aug your after just go jg. also good thing to note is that parts are not widely available for them. it it worth looking on ebay to prove to yourself how little there is for them. infact most of what i see is broken down guns sold for parts...

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Only AUG TM makes these days are the High Cycles ones which are fugly. For a regular AUG new its either JG,APS or AGS. Second Hand there are a fair few Classic Army or TM ones floating around.

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