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Hello, ICS IN 2015 IWA

Dear ICS fans,

We appreciate all off you attended the ICS Special event at 2015 Nürnberg IWA.

Please coming to see us and enjoy your trip.


In the document below for ICS News Release, welcome to download and make it useful.


ICS Airsoft News Release

Contact: Alice Chen

+886(4)25256461 #121

[email protected]


ICS in IWA 2015

Being invited by the globally renowned Discovery Channel for an exclusive interview, ICS has established a new record for the industry of Airsoft Electric Gun.

This video will provide the audience with a glimpse into the extraordinary success of ICS.

In this exhibition, ICS is also going to release five brand new products with cross-generation and multi-dimensional characteristics.

Every gun enthusiast should not miss it.


The IWA OutdoorClassics Show will be held from 6th to 9th March, 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany. On the spot, ICS will play the special introductory video issued by the world's leading media, Discovery Channel. Mr. Chu, the CEO of ICS, shared his business philosophies and ambitions of dominating the AEG Industry during an in-depth interview by the renowned team of Discovery Channel. In addition, the team has recorded the strong research & development of ICS and the complex manufacturing process, demonstrating its uncompromising entrepreneurship.


ICS will release five new and innovative guns this time, involving: CXP (Concept exclusive Project) -UK1, PAR Mk3 which is authorized by PROARMS Armory for sale and manufacture, the latest masterpiece of CXP series, CXP-HOG and CXP-APE, and the limited edition M1 Garand 8mm, which is to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the end of World War II.


ICS PAR Mk3 will bring the players to another utmost level of experience. It is authorized by PROARMS Armory to use PAR Mk3 marking, the official blood certificate for PROARMS Armory from Czech Republic which has exquisite workmanship and military industry. The handguard and the receiver are 1:1 scaled from the real firearm of PAR Mk3. Metallic outline by precise CNC milling, the PAR Mk3 reveals the classical workmanship of real firearm. PAR Mk3 has the EBB (Electronic Blow Back) System, split gearbox, flip up sights, MTR Stock with comfort and ergonomics, will be a focus of attention during the exhibition.


ICS CXP-UK1 TransforM4 of CXP series is capable of achieving best performance and high simulation. The EBB System and split gearbox system own invincible performance which maintains undamaged and in good condition after million times of durable test with M120 spring using 12 voltages. The new one-piece upper receiver provides high tensile strength, and the build-in lower receiver pin as real guns provides swift disassemble. The UKI (Upper Keymod 1.0) tactical handguard with compact look allows rail fast attached. Ambidextrous charging handle is a user-friendly design satisfies various battles and players. Last but not least, the design of ICS MTR stock and TMAG H300/L45 is the ultimate choice when upgrading your equipment.


HOG and APE of CXP series are also important not to underestimate innovative appearance. The newly short barrel designed look with modern style, “Hog” is a symbol of strong explosion. To be the comprehensive tactical player, CXP-HOG uses the latest Keymod handguard to be the high occupancy system for players installing multiple tactical accessories. CXP-APE is the newest masterpiece by ICS. It is a versatile and user-friendly rifle with simple design. Players can overcome all terrain combat easily. The new Keymod system with five positions is superior to accessory rails and creative innovation to release magazine in three ways. The folding stock as the CXP-APE has ergonomic design. The cheek rest is adjustable for height and fore/aft position, and better stability & accuracy by rubber butt-pad.


The innovative technology of ICS has been leading the industry for many years. We not only invest a lot of resources to develop a powerful R&D team, but also listen carefully to players’ opinions to make continuous improvement and create products with high quality. In addition to five new guns released in the exhibition, ICS also has M4, M3, AK, GALIL, MGL and L86 series at presence. For players, this is absolutely a wider choice. ICS not only provides professional electronic guns but also gives you unimaginable fun.


ICS sincerely invite you to visit the Exhibition Centre Nuremberg Hall 7 Booth # 7-525. Come and see what we are shooting!

2015 IWA NEWS RELEASE pdf.pdf

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.
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