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Using brother rif for first game

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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Well I've had airsoft pistols for years now all different sorts, and now looking to attend some local skirmish sites.


My brother has a tm G3 aeg it is a rif and has said in free to use/have it he lives away from home so doesn't use it even tho talk of me going to a skirmish is giving him the urge to get back into it,


My question is am I ok to have/use this rif ? I think it was brought before this two tone thing came in, so will need a going through


Any input would be great



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Yes, you are okay to use a RIF at an airsoft skirmish, it isn't illegal to own one (or as many as you like in fact), but bizarrely, it is illegal for someone to supply one to you if you are not going to use it for airsoft skirmishing at a recognised airsoft skirmish site which has insurance for that purpose (which you are going to do, so that's fine and perfectly legal). In practice however, even if you were not gonna go skirmishing with it, who would ever know where you got it from? In other words, don't worry about that too much, there is no such thing as a licence for an airsoft weapon, they don't require one. So...


The golden rule here, is basically don't be a dick with the thing. Cover it up when transporting it to and from the airsoft skirmish, and make sure it is unloaded and any battery or other power source it uses is not fitted when you do transport it, so it can't actually be fired whilst you are in the process of going to and from the airsoft site. If you drive, stick it in the boot of your car, or if it is a hatchback or whatever, with no boot, then cover it up when it is in the back of the car. If you don't drive, and are going on a bus or a train or walking any appreciable distance with it, then put it in either a box or a bag of some kind, and the less this looks like a rifle case, the better (soft material electric guitar cases are good for that purpose, and most guitar shops will have them for about a tenner).


As long as you don't behave like a dick with an airsoft weapon, firing it over a neighbours fence or waving it about in the street or other stupid things like that, and only use it for skirmishing at an airsoft site, then you are fine.


It's worth anyone who is into airsofting to get familiar with the laws on having, owning, making, modifying and using airsoft weapons. Most people on here won't steer you wrong if you ask about that stuff, but don't rely on 'this bloke on such and such a forum told me the law said, this was okay...' know the law for yourself, do a search on google for the VCR Act and look at Sections 36 and 37 of it, which are the bits pertaining to airsoft. You will see that you are fine, but more importantly, you will actually know that you are fine.

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will be fine as other people have said. don't take it out in public, your defense at that time is that you are skirmishing which is legal, so you will be fine mate :)

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Sounds like you are good to go to me, the original box is ideal to transport it in if it's in the boot of a car. Enjoy the skirmish, you'll love it.


TM G3 is not a bad weapon, bit on the long side for CQB, but not impossible and ideal for woodland if it has the bipod (which is removable by the way in case you were unsure), although make sure you have enough magazine capacity or spare mags, I think they only come with a low capacity magazine (might be wrong about that though), if it's a high cap it'll have a winding wheel on the bottom of the mag, also, see if there's a decent speed loader, they originally came with one of the older tube type loaders, which are okay but not ideal. Also check the battery charges okay if it's not been used for a while.


Make sure you've got some decent eye and lower face protection, you might find your brother's stuff does not fit you or you don't like it or whatever if you are borrowing gear, and you don't want to find that out right before you are due to start getting shot at, so check that, you want a good snug fit and no fogging up of any transparent lenses. If what you have does not suit, many skirmish sites sell that kind of gear, or you can find it for sale online, but don't get any cheap sh*t for eye protection, that's one thing where you want to know for sure that the things are going to stop BBs and not break when they take a hit.

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Thanks for the input,


It has the magazines where you wind like a cog at the bottom holds a lot of bbs I guess,


I have a set of wileyx goggles I use sometimes with my pistols that should be ideal, I intrend to go to a day when they have a skirmish on just to see what everyone's wearing etc it's not far at all so worth a look before hand.


It is a long gun the G3 but it's free :).

Don't want to rush into buying my own aeg before I know I enjoy it as much as I think I will,


Battery wise the 8.4v nicad battery in the box I doubt will hold a nice charge, what I will be asking in another section will be about lipo battery's, been around them for a long time when racing rc cars,

I have a couple of 2 cell (7.4v) battery's which would be ideal along with a voltage cutout I can use,



Thanks guys really helpful

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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