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Cybergun fnx 45 parts

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Cybergun don't actually make them, they have licensed copies made of other manufacturers guns, (pistols are mainly KWC and VFC oem), VFC are the actual makers of the FNX afaik. Cybergun don't seem to do spares, and VFC spares aren't widely available either so its probably a case of trawling some of the Hong Kong retailers such as Tiger111hk. Bear in mind if you do find one a VFC slide probably won't have trademarks on though. I'm not aware of any aftermarket parts to fit either (as they are designed to fit the Marui version). Good luck! :)

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Had a search and can't find anything other then extra mags.

Are the seals just standard o-rings in the valves on the mags?

o rings will be standard sizes, but you'd need to know WHICH standard size to get the right ones, as there are many different valve types using different size rings. You can buy assortment packs of O rings from diy stores (or online probably), I got a box set of metric rings for a fiver from Aldi a few years ago and its fixed numourous gun and mag problems. Some Airsoft retailers have also started selling specific sizes for certain guns.

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