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Pistol fps, does it matter?

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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I'm back. And once again I'm posting what seem like stupid questions about cheap Guns.

What is the ideal fps for a pistol, if there is one. I've been looking for an affordable revolver and I've found a few in the low fps bracket, around 250 with 12g bb. I was wondering if that would at all be acceptable for skirmishing.


Sorry for any bad grammar or spelling, my phone hates me this morning.

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250 on .12's, that is probably under 200 on .20's


around the 200fps on .2's are the electric pistols - EAP

not brilliant but that is about the power of them but they fire in all weathers

(if battery is charged and also have nice 30+ mags + auto)

EAP's start about £55-£75 and way lower fps than AEG or Gas pistols


Green Gas - hit "aprox" 300 - 350 on .2's - most peeps/sites like this type

stays usually within site limits, some cheap to some expensive blowback mofo models

can use propane gas instead of Green Gas - seals in gun can fail or not work in colder weather

Cheap GG pistols start about £30 non-blowback to £150+ for ultra high end or limited edition blowback models


CO2 - hit 350 to 450+, much more powerful - too powerful to use at sites and tricky to tame down

but can be tamed down a bit to creep under 330/350 mark - a little bit more reliable than GGas

but still can fail in very cold weather - like all gas guns the seal can/do fail.

prices are about same as Green Gas £30 non-blowback to way over £100+


Gas pistols are more common or popular, range of Green Gas models is bigger than CO2

coz GGas are most widely used I guess


Springer pistols - ergh not really used much, only had a crappy kids pistol that I could spit bb's further

well it broke quickly - mainly coz I threw it (yeah that didn't help but made me feel a bit better)


you can get by with a low power springer but think most use a GGas one with say an aprox 20 shot mag

rather than a 1 shot backup springer pistol, recock then shoot again

(but still any secondary could save your a$$)

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.12s shouldn't be used in airsoft (I'm guessing something along the lines of JBBG?) And at 250 fps, they are unlikely to be very inaccurate with the slightest breeze as well as a short range. They are also considered dangerous as they can splinter and can cause injury if someone's wearing mesh eyepro. Also, hate to sound like a bummer, but if you take your double eagle to a skirmish (especially an outdoors one) you'll find that you'll be outmatched by more or less everyone else on the field and it's not enjoyable (trust me, I made this mistake)

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Just to clear things up I no longer have the double eagle. I got rid of that not long after asking on here about it. I'm now buying a heavily customised Magpul Sig 556 DMR/Sniper.

Here is a link to the revolver I want, pick it apart and tell me it's useless, I know you all will ;)

It's either that or I wait for BBgunsforless to get their Gas 6inch revolver back in stock.

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Well at a risk of getting flamed.........




RC10 code should get you 10% off = £27 delivered for a 21/22 round Green Gas pistol

(non-blowback - c'mon at that price I think xmas has long gone)

that is what I would buy or rather have bought, can get extra mags for it


(though to be truthfully honest - at that price for gun and what a mag in UK would cost

you may as well pick up another pistol @ £27 - is what I did, can get them overseas but P&P is extra)


doubt if you will get a better half decent performing pistol for that price in UK

(2-tone so no ukara needed)


Pistol is not an absolute must but then £27 looks good - not too heavy, though it ain't plastic

(jeez some EAP's weigh a lot more than this GG pistol)


but up to you what you get


btw it is same gun as:




HFC - SRC - STTi, same meat different gravy


difference is OnlyBBGuns will deliver it for £27 - BBG4Less want £30 + del

(best I can offer at that place is "crazyeyes" 7% discount code)


You don't "have" to go nutz on a custom DMR, a G&G M4 or Cyma AK will get you to a proper skirmishable level

£130 G&G, £30 GG pistol and you can start to seriously hold your own out there

(unless you suck at it like moi)


But it is up to you what stuff you get, but after spending LOADS on cheaper stuff and seriously regretting it

that is the stuff I would suggest you get, which should work very well and not give pi$$ poor performance


To each their own as they say

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The one you've picked is very much a "plinking" gun since it's manually cocked for each shot. 150 fps on .2 means you'll have to forgive people for not feeling their hits.


If you want a revolver specifically then you're going to need to pay a bit more since the better ones tend to be pricey. Here's a few:


Dan Wesson 4" revolver:


Also available in 2.5 and 6" barrels. Uses co2 though so is in the 400 fps range (not allowed at most sites) so you'll need the power down shells available for it here:



Tokyo Marui Colt Python (4"):


A very reliable pistol - I had one myself. Unlike other revolvers it carries 24 rounds in itself so is a lot more pratical than most other ones that only chamber six shots. That said you'll only be hitting 200 fps using 144a gas since it isn't really built to take green gas.


Tanaka S&W M66 4":


Another quality revolver - Tanaka (along with Marushin) tend to make the better revolvers on the market that are still powerful enough to be skirmishable (240fps). Only six shots though so reloads will be time consuming.


Like I said, if you're set on a revolver you have to be willing to pay more for a decent one. The spring one you looked at would be great for safety/humiliation kills but that's about all as the spring is too weak.

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Now I don't know what to do XD

I have found that Dan Wesson with the power down rounds instead of the standard ones somewhere, I forget where though. I'm gonna have to think about it and see what this 556 is like first I think. If they can't get semi auto to work on it then I shouldn't need a sidearm for a while. If they can then I can't skirmish without one XD

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Now I don't know what to do XD


I have found that Dan Wesson with the power down rounds instead of the standard ones somewhere, I forget where though. I'm gonna have to think about it and see what this 556 is like first I think. If they can't get semi auto to work on it then I shouldn't need a sidearm for a while. If they can then I can't skirmish without one XD

If your gun is over 350 then you'll need a sidearm. If it's over 350 and they can't lock it then you'll need a gun to use anyway since most sites don't allow guns that can fire full auto over 350 - even if you only want to use it on semi.


Can the guy doing the upgrades give you a chrono read so you know for sure what it's shooting at before you decide to buy a sidearm?

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He can and will. Overall it needs a new locking pin for the battery area, a few internals moving around as a couple of wires were caught by the guy that did the original customization, and he also needs to find out why it wont fire on semi, and if it's powerful enough I'll get him to lock it to semi.

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If you are going DMR, you definitely need a short range weapon as well, and a cock to fire pistol is not a good option (although see story below for a laugh on that score). You can get away with springers in close range CQB a bit, but a back up weapon for a DMR is a different kettle of fish. A DMR will typically be a semi auto (most sites won't insist, since you are supposedly taking well aimed shots), but if it is over 350 fps (and theoretically it could be 400 to 500 fps), then they absolutely will insist you stick to a minimum engagement range, and at many sites that minimum engagement range will be 30 metres, as it often is for support weapons too. So really, you need something which can engage several people at up to 30 metres range. Realistically, that's going to be at the very least a decent semi-auto pistol with something over 250 fps and 20 rounds capacity or more, or preferably a small smg or mp, such as an MP5K or Skorpion.


I did actually manage to defeat a guy who had a support weapon once (at First and Only Woodland site near Bolton) with my springer pistol, because he was faffing about trying to switch it to semi-auto courtesy of a marshall telling him to switch fire modes as I ran up to the bunker he was defending. Whilst he was doing that, I popped up out of cover and nailed him with a 15 quid metal springer pistol at a range of about eight feet, then nailed the guy who came to medic him, then nailed someone else who came out to try and engage me, then got a fourth guy behind the barricade as well, but took a 50/50 kill from him since he did get a shot off. As you can imagine, the marshall was laughing his ass off at someone getting four straight kills with a 15 quid springer at a woodland site, including taking out an M249 support weapon. That of course was an exceptional occasion, I wouldn't like to put money on it ever happening again, so really, don't get that springer revolver, the capacity, rate of fire, plus the slower reloading than a semi automatic, is just asking to get over-run.


Sitting Duck's suggestion of those cheap HFC/SRC non gas blowback pistols is a very good one. Sure they aren't blowback and they are not metal either, but they are available in several guises such as the H&K UDP, Smith and Wesson 1911, Beretta 92F and Sig 226, so there's bound to be one you like, and you can pick them up for less than 30 quid from BB gun sites all over the place. They are actually not bad weapons, especially for the money. Mags are pretty inexpensive too.


Failing that, I'd suggest a Well G55 (gas blowback MP5K) or a Galaxy G5 (AEG MP5K). You can get the Well ones for about 95 quid, although the mags can be a bit pricey and it only comes with a 20 round one, so you'd need to buy a couple of the larger capacity ones. Don't be put off by the Well name though, it's a Maruzen clone with some improvements, so it's actually not bad, although the rate of fire is insane, so you really do need a spare mag or two. So if having to cough up for spare mags is an issue, the Galaxy G5 can be found for about 70 quid and comes with a high cap 230 round mag, so it would probably be a smarter choice. Again, don't be put off by the brand, it's a clone of the Tokyo Marui one (but with much better fps), so it's actually a pretty good AEG.

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Well if I need something for about 30 meters range with 250 fps up couldn't I go with a cheap electric smg? I know the quality is probably going to be terrible, but it would give me a nice rof advantage over a pistol.

What's your budget? We could probably suggest options if you wanted an smg but any AEP would be ideal if that was what you wanted it for.
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For that price I'd get this:



Cyma cm030.


Just as powerful, has full auto capabilities, is easier to work on internally and fits into any holster (unlike the mp7). Add on a few hi cap mags at £10 each and smart charger adapter (£15 - Firesupport) results in a great little back up pistol. I have one myself for really cold game days when I'm sniping.

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Do you have a UKARA? If you do, then this can be had for 69 quid including postage:




If not, then stretching to another 20 quid on your budget, you can get the two tone version for just over a ton from here (postage being free):




You may be able to find it cheaper with a bit of searching, but that's probably amongst the best low cost compact AEG SMGs you can get. It's a clone of the Tokyo Marui one, has a V3 metal gearbox, is reasonably accurate out to about 130 feet, has 230 BB mag capacity and a folding stock with a rear single point sling which is ideal for a back up to a sniper weapon. That Black Viper one won't last you too long, it'll work for a while, but don't expect too much of it and expect to be replacing it soon.

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I don't have my own UKARA, but a friend of mine has already offered to use his and keep the gun until I get my own. Unfortunately I don't like MP5's. I had a cheapo £20 one from a sunday market once and found it really uncomfortable. I'm looking for something along the lines of an MP7 or Uzi really. Very small and lightweight, something I can surprise people with.

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Only AEP I would suggest is CYMA 030 Glock.

Patrol base do it rebadged as ASG for about £55
(See about 2-tone ???)

Most others are quite heavy if you got it holstered to leg
Chest mounted is ok but on ya leg the 122 & 123 weigh a bit. The 123 is way over sized btw ....

HFC 104 has actually quite a bit of metal to it
For the money I really don't think you can go wrong
If it does go tits up you have option to bin it at that price
Buy a £80 pistol and - well you gotta get it fixed
But at what price ???

Really is up to you what ya buy though
Me I can say that the HFC SRC STTi GG104 or 105 is great value and easy to get started in 2 tone only top is blue btw
Or try to get a CYMA 030 or ASG rebrand is best out of aep's for maybe £60ish as ya not ukara
Still over twice price of Green Gas GC104's
Or for price of CYMA glock you could get 2 x GC104's n some gas.....

Akimbo pistols !!!!!!!!

Soz now ya more confused


slight tidy up of this post - poxy fone

for the record 104 & 105 are nigh on the same - 105 has a small under barrel rail

GG stands for Green Gas

GC stands for CO2 version

they are the same size of mags, you can buy a CO2 GC105 like moi (too hot)

then get the GG104 mags and pop them in either 104 or 105 pistol - viola

(or a GG104 and pop in a CO2 mag if ya want extra oomph target shooting)

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Just saw this and i got interested


I'm running a MP7 AEP (~250FPS) 100 round mid caps mags up until now and have got myself a M14 as a DMR.


but i totally agree with a CQB a AEP is properly more reliable and lack of buying gas in the long run & allowing me to push up with the rest of the team even without my primary.


i haven't had a issue with the accuracy of my MP7 so far but i'll find out if there is a gap inside the 20-30 metre range where it'll potentially be the weakness of both the AEP and the DMR. where one is might not reach (in terms of accurate firing) and the other because of the restriction.

let you know when i find out :)



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yup suppose MP7 has got advantages as a sniper's secondary


but it is not a pistol and if you are gonna chuck in MP7 into the mix

then I reckon a Galaxy MP5K or G5K may as well be included

(or higher end cyma/jg models too but where do you start & stop just for a sidearm)


The compact G5K would be my choice if including small sub-machine guns into a pistol question

(not the G5M coz is a pi$$er for fitting battery)

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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