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fire selector issue

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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Looking for some advice here, yesterday while playing cqb I had a couple of issues when firing. A couple of times late in the day my g&g gen 3 m4 refused to fire on single shot, when I switched it back to fully auto and fired it would then fire on single shot again. I'm not technically gifted and I doubt I can repair this myself but any sort of advice on what caused this and whether it's a big job or not would be great

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it can happen to nigh on all guns at a "dead zone"......


what happens is releasing from auto - the cam on sector gear "can" rarely stop in this position

the cam has moved into position to push cut-off lever - the bit that yanks or pops the switch up

(once popped up away from trigger tip the switch flies back and disengages the on single shot)


What can and probably happened is if that cam is still forcing cut-off lever up or not fully returned

then the switch can't re-latch onto the trigger correctly


FFS - dont force the trigger if you feel resistance - you can break it !!!


This "dead zone" should only really happen going from auto to semi

it should be just fine on semi all time

if it does happen then the only real way is one burst on auto - repark it past the dead zone

(or cycle finishes just past the cam)


it might happen a tiny tiny bit more as you may have an AB mosfet in there which stops the motor

very very quickly by reversing polarity - so it "may" not roll on past that cam position as a non-AB fet

(but as long as it don't and it shouldn't do this crap on semi it is not areal problem)


L85's with pre-cocking can suffer from this quite a bit even on semi

but is another matter from the precocking and sector gear's cam/pre cocking a little too late imho


learn to release trigger at correct point - might be just letting go of trigger at random points or just prior to it firing

the motor then stops in this "dead zone" rather than the switch parking it properly under semi

might be doing this a little more if battery is starting to deplete - try a fresh battery if it starts happening again

(fresh battery should help it get past the dead zone maybe)


Whoa - now ya more confused - soz, in a nutshell it shouldn't be a big problem - just learn when to release trigger on auto

or if it parks incorrectly you have to cycle auto - semi again


don't ever force it - it is a poxy dated old school trigger design but generally is a good robust cheap one I'm afraid


99% that is the issue as it is a common one.......

could be a switch contact under selector plate but it sounds like the dead zone to me if all works going auto - semi again

if it seemed to happen in afternoon on the same battery then pretty sure a fresh battery could help too

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) topic.

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