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G&G CM18 Cosmetics

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Just wondering if I'm able to use any receiver for my CM18, as I'm thinking of upgrading it from it's polymer to metal.


I've also found a rail system of the same length as the CM18's stock 9.5 inch also in metal with the same brand.

Just wondering if I can attach the rail and receiver and still have the stock internals and butt stock fit with the new body?




These are the two thing's I'm looking to get to upgrade my rifle.


Thanks again!

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your cm18 is fine the way it is - get ya hopup rubber changed is the main issue

maybe you could fit a stubby fixed on there to save messing about with nunchuck batteries

receiver & front end is fine in polymer - it shouldn't break that easily - its pretty tough


replace receiver - if/when it breaks is my advice until then leave as is

why spend more money on metal cosmetics when you don't need to just yet

plus more weight to carry all day - but will not improve range until you sort hopup


heck - wait a while on receiver etc or buy another gun as backup if you got the funds

(dare I say AK or another M4/Scar L if you wanna keep same mags)

having a backup will come in handy if main gun fails or whilst you tinker with upgrading in future


also in cm18 maybe try a slightly heavier 0.25 bb also may help if you are firing 340+

hopup & different/quality bb's was mentioned in your previous question


I think cm18's are a lovely gun myself & we have 2 of them - black receiver + tan grip/stock/ris covers/sights


upgrade the receiver/front end if you want to - yes stock will fit on there n all that

you will still have hopup problem/range issue plus wtf you gonna do with old receiver/front end

(especially when I doubt if anything is actually wrong with those parts anyway)

unless you got them in 2-tone is the only reason I can see - but hey they do sell paint for that


first thing I would do is remove top receiver clean the hop up / barrel whilst replacing say a 60 degree bucking

buy a few - they are cheap, different types/makes from 55 to 65 ish - 70 might be a tad hard but hey you could get

one of say 60+65+70 if you wanted - ensure the hopup is working correctly - the nub is winding down/up ok

(you should see a little bump appearing at top of hopup - this is where the spin comes from)


sounds daft this little rubber & tiny nub but this makes a BIG difference if it is working properly or not

is where you have precision or not - properly setup guns at 300fps can out range bad 350fps guns

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Hi mate! Thanks for the detailed reply.


This was completely seperate to my previous question, as I'm just planning on making a more custom rifle and moving away from stock guns, only for cosmetics. This isn't for definite, but I wanted to know before I did anything, if I did (the hop rubber and inner barrel comes first, dont worry).


Thanks again mate! :)

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No worries - to be totally honest you could spend a few bob on metal receiver/front end

when you don't really need to just yet and end of the day will look same

and only you know it was metal now and not plastic

ok it won't have CM on side but most wouldn't know out on the field...


for the money spent on cosmetics (£200) think about a spare maybe and some bits

if you really get into it later down the road say after a year or so then maybe you could

spend some money on getting a full metal higher end aeg if you wish eg: £250 to £450


by all means look at some tweaks for your cm18 - rubber and maybe new hopup chamber if still not happy

but like many upgrades in many things - cars/pc's/aeg's there comes a point when you may be better off

selling your Ford Focus and buying a car already setup to do crazy 0-60 or 140mph+


buy a few hopup rubber or buckings first BEFORE you take it apart - you may split the old green G&G one

watch a few vids - you got a rear wired aeg so should be straight forward to change

heck you may find it isn't seated/operating correctly but get a couple of spares first - £5 to £10 aprox

set aside some time and space and give it a go - seriously an effective hopup is where you should see improvement

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Thanks Duck, I appreciate you've taken your time to look through both of my posts and give me a thorough and helpful answer. I'll invest in what you're suggesting and leave the cosmetics til later, my overall plan is to gut it (eventually) inside and out to make my own custom and practically brand new gun, which looks the same but is a lot better in all categories.


Thanks again dude!

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Magpul. Some swear by it, hate it. Most people seem to like it. Try your gun out, and when it far then swap out the internals. External wise do what you want. It's your gun after all :)

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