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Newbie in Plymouth, Anyone around my Area?

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Hi all, just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Nick, and based in Plymouth, Devon.

I don't know anyone in my area who takes part in airsoft, so if you could point me in someone's direction who may be able to help, that would be great!




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Greetings Nick,

Since I have no idea where Plymouth/Devon is, I guess it not near me (Midlands). But, welcome to the group. I am certain people will begin to pop up in your area.

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Hiya Nick,

I'm an ex janner myself, have moved up to exeter now though (to be closer to civilisation). In your local area there's only one site; Mad Mommas Airsoft - they're in Trematon just past Saltash and do a game every few weeks. Only way to keep up with them is on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/airsmurf?fref=ts

It's a nice site for beginners and everyone there is very friendly, the rules are a bit unusual though, and quite often players get a bit of a culture shock when they go to a different site where people aren't wrapped up in cotton wool so much!


Venturing a bit further afield (and I would recommend it, Mad Mommas is good, but it's a very small site) you've got Skirmish Exeter (https://www.facebook.com/groups/skirmishexeter/?fref=ts) which is a VERY large paintball place in stoke woods near Exeter, they run a game every 2 weeks on Sundays and generally have a much bigger turn out, as well as more involved games.

Going down into pointy head land you've got Cornwall Elite Airsoft (http://www.cornwallseliteairsoft.co.uk/index.html) and KGB Airsoft (http://www.kgbairsoft.com) - neither of which I have played at but I've got a few mates who've played both and their impression I get is that Cornwall Elite Airsoft is the one to go to.


Outside of those there's a few paintball places that do private/invite only games in and around exeter / newton abbot but generally you'll need someone to vouch for you as well as your own non-twotone gun to go to those.


Hope that's helped, any questions let me know :)

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