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lipo batteries and inner barrels

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hi guys.


i'm looking to buy another lipo battery but i'm not sure what i need to buy. what im wondering is if the main numbers on my current lipo indicate what physical size i need.


on the battery it says 1300mAh, 11.1V 25C 12Wh


is the 25C the size of the battery itself? my current one fits down the tube on the rear of my M4.



Also i'm looking to get a new inner barrel for one of my guns. It's already got a short barrel and a full size m4 one is to long. do most people buy a longer barrel and cut it down to fit their purpose?

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25C is the discharge rate of the battery, nothing to do with the size I'm afraid


No, barrels are available in a massive variet of lengths, buy the correct length for your rifle

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