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hi from watford

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Some websites specialise in a certain manufacturer or area of airsoft-

  • www.firesupport.co.uk sell mainly guns and parts for them- the main brands of gun they sell are G&G and ICS
  • www.proairsoftsupplies.co.uk sell guns and a moderate amount of equipment. Again, they mainly sell G&G guns but they have begun to sell more G&P guns. Very good customer service.
  • www.zerooneairsoft.com are one of the largest UK retailers- they sell almost everything and will 2 tone your airsoft gun for free, and even throw in a skirmish voucher at no extra charge
  • www.landwarriorairsoft.com sell a lot of G&G and G&P guns, however they have fairly good stocks of other brands

So those were the main sites for guns. Here are some of the best (In my experience) sites for gear:

  • www.flecktarn.co.uk very good gear at nice prices. They're the main dealer of BulleUK products- Bulle are based in the UK and make lots of gear, from assault vests to water bottles. They have extremely good customer service, some of the best I've used.
  • http://www.military1st.co.uk are a very big gear retailer. They sell almost anything you would need for a skirmish- they also have good customer services and take pride in looking after the little details. A recent order of mine contained 1.5 inch glowsticks which they had packed in their own cardboard sleeve to prevent them breaking.
  • http://www.tactical-kit.co.uk sell very high end military grade equipment. They're not ideal for a beginner who might not want to spend a lot of money, but when you decide you want to start airsofting properly and would like some tougher kit, give them a go- I've used them in the past and they've been great
  • www.actionhobbies.co.uk- they sell guns, but they sell a lot more kit. Very good customer service and a wide range of Begadi products- Begadi are a mid-range German tactical equipment company who make pretty nice kit. Not the toughest but certainly good.

I'm sure other forum members will direct you to more retailers, this is just a comprehensive list of retailers I've used and have not had an issue buying from.


Hope this helps :)

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We played up at Kings Langley near you a few weekends back.


Depends what kind of Airsoft you are in to and how many games you have played and the dreaded defence.


Most players start with an AEG rifle of some description.

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I think a lot of good places have already been said but Patrol Base is my local store. They don't have lots of stuff but it's my local store so good for me. Service is really good.


Agreed with TacMaster - Flecktarn are great :) Bought quite a few things from them, delivery has always been really quick and prices are good. Bought a rifle case / chest rig / shemagh / dump pouch and some other things from them before.

Another place for gear is UK Tactical, a lot like Tactical Kit. Some things on there are expensive but they have sales on all the time and lots of stuff really cheap :)



Ordered from them four times and going to make my fifth purchase soon.


Gear / tactical stuff places:



Tactical Kit

UK Tactical

Kit Monster

RV Ops



You could also order from Gunfire.pl or TaiwanGun (both Polish websites) or other European stores but there a couple things to be aware of.

Don't buy any airsoft guns from them (you could look into doing it when you get your defence, I ordered my A&K M24 from TaiwanGun there recently)

You need to spend about £55/£60 to get free shipping, otherwise costs ~ £11!

Most things aren't great quality but it's cheap (cheaper than the UK usually too)

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