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***Help for a begginer!!!***

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Here is an awesome starter pack that many can vouch for:


And it's all under £120!!!!

Although you may want to get another mask, but that's up to you!


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If you haven't already then you may want to check out some of the guides on here buddy:


And this to help you find a gun:



Also, if you can visit you local site a few times before spending loads of money.

If you haven't already try to read up on the law.


From what I've read on here, people advise not to buy from websites that have the phrase :"Bbguns" in there name but that's upto you


There are quite a few good sites such as:

-ZeroOneAirsoft - They 2-tone for free

-ProAirsoftSupplies - Good all round

-Taiwangun - Polish company, but the things are cheap

LandWarriorAirsoft - Have lots of brands you struggle to find in the UK

-PatrolBase - Generally a nice website for gear, gun stock isn't as good


Hope this helps buddy! :D

And can someone correct me if I've done something I shouldn't have or have got something wrong!

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Is bison any good, I'm looking for an AEG under £120?

If so is the bison m4a1 or m4a1e any good. Thanks!


Nope. Avoid anything under £120 at all costs.


G&G make a line of M4 style rifles called Combat Machine, made of high quality tough plastic. They look pretty good and perform well.


However, your best bet is to go to a skirmish and rent guns to try the hobby out and see if you like it. If you're over 18, pursue a site membership or a UKARA defence so you don't have to have your first gun sprayed bright orange/red/green/whatever.


If you aren't over 18 you'll have to get a parent/carer who is over 18 to buy a coloured gun for you, and then you can remove the paint/paint over it with black once you are a regular site attender (more than 3 games in no less than 2 months is the criteria for getting onto the UKARA database, and just generally turning up more than twice and getting to know people works as being regular)


It's not illegal to own a black gun (Realistic Imitation Firearm) but it is illegal for a retailer to sell you one if you're under 18 (for any airsoft gun) or do not have a UKARA defence/site membership.

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