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Bulk buying BBs

This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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I've used



Devil Blasters


And Zero In


A break down of the most important factors followed by my own personal ranking.


Cost: Proball work out the cheapest, Devil blasters would be the most expensive and blasters and Zero in somewhere in the middle.


So cheapest = Proball-->Blasters/Zero In-->Devil Blasters = most expensive


Quality: Zero in were probably the least consistent, I have only found misshaped bbs in their bags, none in any others. Appearance you can tell the difference between them, blasters are slightly off white, proballs are a mixture of "white and off white" and devil blasters looked the most consistently white coloured, but the surface finishes between devil blasters and proball are very similar, the blasters seemed a little less shiny which may equate to slightly rougher.


Worst quality = Zero In ------------------------------------(a big diff)--------------------------------> Proball/Blasters/Devil Blasters = Best quality


Accuracy: (Disclaimer- I have nothing I can show to back this up it is simply my gut feelings while using the various bbs) I could tell the difference between Devil Blasters and Blasters, the Devils seemed a lot more accurate, "you get what you pay for" I hear many saying. But personally I couldn't see a big enough difference between Devil Blasters and Proball for me to go out of my way to pay more for the privilege of firing the more expensive ones. Finally the Zero Ins seemed to end up with the most inconsistent shots, I had fliers and divers from a gun that was firing straight shots from the other brands.


Least consistent = Zero In ---------> Blasters --> Proball ->Devil blasters = Most consistent


I would suggest looking for the deals you can get out there, if you can buy a bag/bottle of each of these bb's and try to put at least a mags worth through each of your guns, you may find you prefer one over another, or like me cant see a big enough difference between two. Thing is the two I cant tell the difference in when firing are the least expensive and the most expensive respectively. My choice would be the Proballs in the future.


Zero In own brand BBs from Zero In


Proball are Socom Tactical's "own brand" never seen them being sold anywhere else.


Devil Blasters and Blasters from many different sources, cheapest I have found them was Socom Tactical.


Don't forget that postage costs that will need to be added to bulk orders are normally significant. Sometimes the best deal is somewhere local because you can simply pop over and collect them. I did this passing Southampton for Zero In and Fleet for Socom Tactical.

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This thread is over three months old. Please be sure that your post is appropriate as it will revive this otherwise old (and probably forgotten) thread.

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