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Repair kit

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Just wondering if I'm missing anything to repair guns. If you work on them, what do you keep?




From let to right:


- Super glue

- thread lock

- silicon gun oil for pistols

- green paint marker

- rocol aqua-sil (use piston o-rings)

- bear lock

- black electrical tape

- PTFE tape

- solder

- Lonex grease

- gleitmo 585k grease (use on gears)

- spare 3mm gearbox screws

- dean connectors

- red/black heat shrink

- different sized cable ties

- spare o-rings

- radiator cowling edge protector (was thinking of shortening mesh mask and putting around the edge)

- old parts




Am I missing anything? I think I've got everything I need to sort out a faulty gun. What does everybody else keep?

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My typical repair kit is a long philips screwdriver (for going down the buffer tube), a normal Philips screwdriver, a small pointed drive for taping out the pins, a hammer and an allen key for the gearbox. That is basically needed for every repair job/upgrade I do. Some silicon spray and gear greese and some kitchen towel solves most of the issues and from there I would probably add some duck tape! Anything that goes beyond that is going to require a purchase in my experience.

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Allen keys, screwdrivers, cleaning/unjamming rod, valve keys.

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