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KA Thompson m1a1

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Gun Name and maker: king arms thompson m1a1


FPS: 260 on .25gr bb's.

Hop up: yes

Mag Capacity: 400+

Battery: not supplied

Plastic/Metal/Both: full wood and metal construction.


My opinion and overall comments: The woodwork(possibly walnut) on this gun is superb and the metal is very good too even though it is cast alloy going by the appearance.

The trades are stamped in and aren't painted on like on the cheaper models.

The weight and feel is superb as it feels solid and weighty.


The hop up is very easy to access and adjust, the ROF compared to my g&g cm16 raider is just fantastic, I would feel sorry for anyone caught in the sights of this model on an 8.4v large battery as it just hoses your target with bb's.

This brings me onto the accuracy which is very impressive at 100ft+.


If you love the ww2 side of skirmishing then this is certainly viable.


The downside to this gun is if you can't carry a heavy gun all day then this is not the gun for you but the plastic stocked version should be more suitable.However using a mini stick lipo 7.4v should take some weight off.


It is also known for the barrel assembly to break off but there are people on ww2 re-enactment who machine steel parts to sort this issue out.


The magazine can be a little fiddly and the metal mags can be pricey at £30 on eBay but there are plastic magazines available for around £15 on eBay.



Overall rating:


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