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Mk5 Flashbang grenade, fast pouch. How much would you pay?

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Hi All,

I made up some grenade holders the other day for Sundays game While there, they got a lot of attention from other players and the local shop. So basically, I want to ask what you would pay for such a device. I plan to sell them in singles or triples. My beginning price based on my costs are £12.50 each, or 3 for £32.50




I think this is comparable with other pouches A triple M4 holder, in a good quality, would fetch around the £25 mark. These are unique and handmade. So this strikes me as reasonable


They work by threading through molle (needs two horizontal strips) and locks in via velcro. Every time a grenade is inserted it applies pressure to the velcro and when the grenade is removed, the same happens So regardless of the relatively light grip of velcro, its being tightened on every use. Pop studs could also be used if preferred.


So use Grenades are put in tip or base first and then clipped into the spring clips. To remove, just lever them out. Its a very natural movement. They can also be slipped out in a direct up or down movement, depending on their position. They can be used right way up or upside down.


Benefits -

The grenades are always in the same place and can be indexed without the need to look for them.

They can be fast replenished from a separate pouch

No clips, velcro or other retention is required. No need to unclip before use. .


You gain consistent location, ease of draw and speed in use. You dont have to unclip your pouch, find the grenade, and then reseal the said pouch. The grenade can also be retained without the cap in place Allowing for even greater speed as you now no longer need to remove them before use.


Version 2 will have striker patches added so you can draw, strike and throw without having to move your gaze from the target or operate any velcro or clips



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