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Anybody know much about the Maruzen P99 GBB?

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So, in short, i've got a pretty old pistol, had an o-ring blow in the slide of my p99, replaced it, and now a spring keeps on getting ejected/mangled when I fire.


Does anyone have any experience with slide fixes/replacements and have any assembly tips for this?



In detail:


all parts will be referenced to this diagram:


sorry if any part names are wrong, it's just a best guess


The piston (part #22) o-ring blew, and careful disassembly after looking at the above diagram had me pulling the spring (nozzle return spring? - part #24) from inside a little groove in part 17, this interfaces with the nozzle assembly (part #23) and acts to return the nozzle to the rear of the slide.


upon putting this back in the same groove, and reassembling, this appears to work, except when firing occurs, the spring will partially escape through either the front or rear ends of the same groove, this jams up the entire slide.


Without this spring in place, the nozzle is free to slide forwards and backwards when the slide is in the rear 'blown-back' position, the pistol will work erratically, and every few rounds the slide fails to return completely to the fully forward position after a shot.


Anybody had any issues putting this back together before, and any tips on persuading it to work correctly please?


I'll add pics when I get a chance.

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