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Is Groundzero good?

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Hi I was wondering if the groundzero site is any good as Im deciding where to book for my first skirmish. I know there is both urban and woodland , so on a side not is cqb better for a first game?


I live in dorset/SW so are there any better sites? Are the staff freindly and is there a good range of scenarios?


I know I ask a lot of questions but I'm a newbie.



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ground zero is good and loads of stuff to do there the urban site is closing down as the site has been sold they have been given till i think november to get all there stuff out but can still use it till told they cant H was saying that hes trying to talk to the developer to see if he can get another year out of it so watch this space to when it closes

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Just bumping this to see if people had a more recent view/review of the site? I really like the idea of there being no scheduled breaks as one of my pet peeves at airsoft are the 1-1.5 hour lunch breaks and 45 minute 'tea' breaks throughout the day. 

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