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ScareSoft - Airsoft with a Terrifying Twist

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Hi folks, I'm just promoting a new night game type that we are holding.

Ace Airsoft War Games & our sister company Events2Scare presents "Scare Soft" Airsoft with a terrifying twist.

Its a Team A vs Team B vs "our" special Team Nightmare and their WereWolf Pets.

Military Teams A & B must complete various objectives whilst battling for survival against each other and evade being captured and held by our team nightmare in order to stay alive and survive the night.
Individual Players may be required to take part in specific tactical small team missions.

Our Team Nightmare is a mixed up and hard to kill demented bag of "Hills Have Eyes type cannabalistic mutants, other nightmarish creatures with WereWolf Pets" who will be hunting you down during the night.
Unfortunately for you the WereWolves can only be stopped using the silver sword (if you can find it and get close enough to use it).



Scare Soft events take place in the evening and at night over a 3 hour session and is limited to 40 players.

Chronographing of players own weapons will be done prior to participation.
Event FPS Limit: All weapons must be under 350fps including sniper rifles and DMR's for ScareSoft events.

The venue insist that only biodegradable bb ammunition is used however 1,000 round of this is included in the booking for every participant (Blaster Biodegradable 0.2g)
Additional ammunition and resources you will have to scavenge for which all adds to the overall thrill and theme of ScareSoft events.

Minimum age limit for these events is 15.

All under 18's must be accompanied by a paying adult.

The Venue:

Hawkstone Park Follies

Set in a mystical and legend filled historical woodland amongst medieval ruins and monuments built over 200 years ago. One of the prime features being an underground cave system that legend has it was once used by King Arthur and the Knights of the Templar.


To find out more, see the awesome haunting images of the venue, see what dates are available and how to book just click the link below.


Look forward to scaring you all soon :)

Cheers Carl
Ace Airsoft War Games
[email protected]

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Go on then, tell us the bad news. How much does it cost?

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That's not bad for this kind of event, eh? I've seen some prices that made me snigger uncontrollably in the face of one of the promoters...

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Yeah... 45 is alright for something special... The venue looks nice as well.

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