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New Gearset

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New Gearset:

I have to purchase a new gear set now, I hear only to get CNC made ones. These are some gear sets available in the UK right now, but if there are better in my price range (£20, $~40).









also for the shs super shooter cncs can i remove the small bushing and if not what is it for

what ratio should i be going for an m140 setup and should i just buy JG gears instead for $10 lol

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Get the super shooters, they're great for the money.


If you mean the bushing on the sector gear, no it doesn't come off. It works like a delayer chip. It's fine, leave it alone. I have no idea on ratios for high torque but they seem to be suggesting the 32:1 set is for that very purpose so I'd go with those. You could go for the helical sets but unless you're either lucky or a shimming god, don't bother. Your gearbox will sound like a cat being tortured.

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