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G&G Firehawk Range Query

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Hey guys,


Looking to get a Firehawk for woodland games, just a little concerned about the range and how viable this gun would be for such games.


Anyone with any experience on this gun able to shed light on this?

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well it ain't no dmr and is really for cqb but suppose also it has an advantage

in that it could be easier to shortcut through bushes easier than a big m16

getting caught up perhaps


looks sexy but friggin loud with flash hider but then it is not designed for long range


I've remove the stock and put on a fixed cheapo stubby so can take any battery

hate all that pi$$balling about with thin lipo stick


range wise not much less accurate than a normal stock m4 in same price range

bought it coz I liked the sexy black 8itch - didn't buy it to snipe with I bought it to

take her out and help take others out so to speak.....


despite being small and a fair bit of plastic not full metal she weighs a bit but I feel

just right to run with all day in the sun.....


I got an ICS clear sportsline and they kind of perform the same - maybe ICS a bit

more longer range accurate but c'mon the fire hawk just looks so sexy & bad ass

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Thanks for the review!


Just waiting for stock to appear somewhere and I'll be clicking that purchase button.


Does it matter what battery I use within it? I have read a few specs that indicate I should use a LiPo battery but having looked into that they seem really high maintenance and I've been told Nimh batteries are simpler - could this be used instead?

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battery options are limited due to thin stick battery type in stock tube

plus can be a bit fiddly to get battery in the 8itch


hence I shoved a stubby fixed one instead:




now I can just use any battery I can find lipo/life/nimh etc......


lipo's are great but options are limited voltage wise - 7.4v or 11.1v - or 9.9v life battery

I still sometimes use some decent 8.6v or 9.6v batteries.

like I said your main problem is limited battery space/options out of box, but I plan to either fit

the FH stock to another M4 front handguard battery gun or sell it complete with tube

love my stubby - lost some sex appeal - well I lost that years ago, but at least the FH can run

with almost any battery now - so it is a possible consideration I think - stubby is fixed but same

size as G&G VS02 stock that was on there

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Run a 7.4 lipo I do and they have the Same internals bar the barrel

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