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Hi Guys,

Here's an update on what's happening at Ace Combat.

First up we will be running a regular Pistol & Shotty Evening over the summer months at our Brenchley site. Gates open at 5.30 with games running from 6.30-9pm giving you a chance to work on those sidearm skills out in the field and on the target range.

Then we have our regular monthly SpecOps Missions at the Pembury site. This new format has been getting rave reviews from the players.

We run four SpecOps missions on the day with each one having an infil, objective and exfil. The SpecOps team for each mission is made up of a quarter of the players from both of the main teams with a time limit to complete their mission whilst trying to avoid the two main teams who are also pitched in a head to head battle whilst hunting down the SpecOps! Everyone gets a chance to be on a SpecOps team to hone their skills whislt still getting to work in a larger team on the rest of the missions.

The site is a stunning area set in 40 acres of unspoilt mature woodland, mixed in with dense undergrowth, varied terrain & elevation and criss-crossed with tracks along with an open paddock area covered in long grass. There are plenty of opportunities for everything from sniping to close range silent takedowns to cater for all types of player.

The Safe Zone area is fully covered with lighting, a well stocked shop for the essentials, permanent flushing toilets and an open area to work on your tan in the breaks! Free tea, coffee and water are available all day long as well as limited charging facilities.

Whilst this site is geared more towards the experienced player we do have a limited number of rentals available so that anyone looking for a different airsoft experience can check it out.

We run every four weeks at this site, alternating between Saturday and Sunday.

Finally we have our long running Brenchley site. This is one of the oldest sites in the South East and has been the first airsoft experience for many players. As well as being an excellent place for beginners. The mixture of woodland, open ground and tactical structures makes the site suitable for all levels of experience with many long standing regulars still coming back for more. The scale of the battlezone means you’re always close to the action whether it’s an intense firefight or a long mission.

The land is also a registered blasting area which allows us to make use of military grade battlefield simulation pyrotechnics in selected scenarios in addition to the other trips and traps we use on a regular basis. The ever popular Nerf Mortar and the new Nerf Artillery is also used to add an extra dimension to the experience and send players scurrying for cover!

The safezone has a fully enclosed shelter with lighting along with separate men’s & ladies toilets and a well-stocked shop selling snacks, drinks and essential airsoft gear. Free tea, coffee and water are available all day long as well as limited charging facilities.

We run alternate Sundays at this site.

Full details, site limits and dates can be found on out our website at www.acecombat.co.uk or call us on 01303 814803


The Ace Team

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