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New Player in Berkshire

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Hi there.


I'm a new player living in Newbury, Berks. I've played a few times, and finally bit the bullet and bought myself a cheap CYMA VCRA compliant M4 to use 'til I get my UKARA.


Trouble is, I'm currently carless, and the guys that I would normally go with have family commitments at the weekends so I've got nobody to go with.


Are there any Newbury based players on here? I've never been to the Mall, I've only been to Absolute Airsoft, but that's a fair way out in the sticks for someone without transport.



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Hello! Im from maidenhead so we're in the same county!

When i first started i didnt think there were any sites that were local however there are so many!

Xsite - Lane End

Zed Adventures - The Mall

Ucap - Sandpit

Absolute - Maidenhead & Reading (I personally wouldnt recomend but thats my opinion)

And i think a couple more but i cant think off the top of my head!


As for travel, as long as you have your gear in protected bags and (when you get one) as long as you carry your defence with you, trains and busses are good!

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Welcome to the forum!

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