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WE Glock 17 CO2 mag leak issue

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Hi guys,


I've got a we Glock 17 CO2 magazine with a leaky mag. The leak as far as i can see is coming from the release valve.


As its a CO2 mag i don't really want to keep wasting capsules on trying to test it.


I've taken the valve out checked it over and it looks fine and i can't see any issue with the O-Ring


Can anyone recommend what the issue might be?

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It's unlikely you'd be able to see a problem with the o-ring. If gas can escape then there only has to be the tiniest of holes for it to leak out from, you're never going to be able to spot it.

If you're sure it's coming from the release valve, then you could just buy a new valve, try getting hold of WE Europe on Facebook, I think they have a website too.

In the meantime, you could try wrapping some PTFE tape around the valve threads, swapping the O-rings out, or just dousing them in silicone oil.

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I've had the same with this gun. If you use the wrench that they supplied with it turn it over and there are two little bars use them to tighten the valve. Heads up though the wrench is pretty much made of chocolate so may snap like mine has and numerous others I know of.

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